Bow wow, this is Christmas speaking! I'm a miniature smooth Dachshund. I'm registered as "Brownwood Time To Shine MS", and I'm from a local Dachshund breeder, Brownwood Farm. I was born on December 25th, 2013. Because of my decent pedigree, I actually compete at dog shows with my mom! I enjoy going in Junior Showmanship and in the breed ring.

I am trained using a clicker. Whenever I do whatever my mom wants me to do when it comes to training or everyday life, she clicks the clicker and gives me a yummy treat immediately after! There are lots of ways to train doggies, but I think positive training is the most effective and fun. Sometimes I get 87 treats in a day! Well, maybe not that much.

So far the commands I know are...




"Heel" (I always heel anyway)

"Leave It"



"Where's Your Squeaker?" (that's my favorite toy)

"Look At Me"

"Ready" (that means I have to catch treats thrown at me)

"Let's Get To Work" (that means it's time for training)

"Be handsome" (I do that one 24/7...BOL!)

I still don't know not to pee in the house though! (Sorry, mom!) However, I'm doing great with housebreaking, and maybe that's because I know I'll get a treat when I do my business outside, even though going to the bathroom inside is more fun 'cause I don't have to go anywhere. I am extremely food motivated, and I'll pretty much eat anything, so learning new things comes naturally to me! When my mom gives me my "leave it" command when a treat is in front of me or on one of my paws, I throw my head in the air to avoid the temptation of gobbling it up!

My mom and I enjoy going for walks around the neighborhood, and I'm always making new doggy and human friends! I sometimes even show off my tricks to my canine pals, without my mom even telling me to do so. I love all people, but kids are my favorite. They can be crazy though! I am very attached to my mom, so sometimes I'm not crazy about people when I'm with my mom. I just pretend they aren't there! Because of my obedient nature, I hope to get my Canine Good Citizen title in the next few months. I still haven't been taught "down" though, because I don't lay down to get a treat on the ground. It's just under my nose!

I might compete in some obedience trials one day, especially because I'm used to competing! My mom and I also dabble with canine freestyle/heelwork to music. We like to work out routines and it's a whole lot of fun for the both of us.

Since April this year, I've been running for mayor of Blogville! I hope to keep Blogville a safe place, and the way my time as mayor (if I become mayor) will be unique is I'll always be hosting events and other activities so that no matter what, everyone in Blogville, no matter how popular or different they are, can enjoy it's beauty and have fun. There will always be an opportunity for doggies, kitties, and other animals and their peeps to get themselves out there and participate in something pawsome!

To be honest, I'm the total package. I'm not trying to mom agrees! I love dog shows and clicker training, treeing squirrels and snuggling. I'm not too stubborn or feisty, like most other Dachshunds. I'm what my momma calls her heart dog, and she says that even though her future is full of many more dogs, there will be never be another dog like me, and I'd do anything for my momma. To pay her back for her kindness to me, I'm very loyal to her. That's what a dog is supposed to be, right?


  1. You and your Mom are the perfect package!! A pleasure meeting you both.

    Love, Molly and my Mom @ The Fast and the Furriest

    1. Mom and I are so glad to meet you too! We look forward to having you as a friend in this amazing community.


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