I'm sure that you all know that I, Christmas, am a Dachshund. After getting a taste of my handsomeness and zest for life, maybe you're considering welcoming a sweet sausage dog into your home. However, the breed is not for everyone, and it's impawtent that you know what you're getting into before you adopt any dog. I hope this info will encourage you to bring a Dachshund into your heart and home!


Just because we have the cutest long bodies and puppy dog eyes doesn't mean our personality will match up with our appearance. Generally us Doxies are clever, lively, and courageous to the point of rashness. We are fiercely loyal and we're convinced we're big dogs, unless of course we're curling up in your lap. We are usually vocal and we make amazing watchdogs.


Us Dachshunds are usually very stubborn, distracted by scents around us, and have minds of our own. It's definitely not impossible to train a Dachshund (hopefully you're using positive methods like clicker training!), but we might take a little more work than some other dogs. I'm actually the most trainable dog my peeps have ever had, and I often get compliments on how obedient and calm I am, so that just shows that not all dogs match up with their breed standards!


Doxies are versatile dogs, and we can live pretty much anywhere. Whether you have a house, a mansion, an apartment, or a farm, we'll happily reside with you! We do well outdoors in warm weather, but we really don't like it when it's too hot outside or cold outside. Rain is also something us Doxies hate! Just give us a comfy place to live (got AC and heating?) and lots of love and us Dachshunds will thrive in your home!


We might have little legs, but us Dachshunds still need daily exercise. All small dogs require exercise despite what some peeps might say, but Dachshunds might need a little bit more activity. After all, we are hounds! We'll get into the breed's history in a moment, but let me just say, we need to run! A daily walk or two, maybe a jog, or a long game of chase or fetch in the yard will give us plenty of exercise. Please don't let us lay around the house all day! We might be small, but we're athletic dogs that will benefit from active lifestyles.


If you want a dog, I'm sure you want to know what the dog is bred to do and where it was bred! Dachshunds come from Germany, and the standard Doxies in particular were bred to go into badger sets and flush out the badgers. No wonder we're so spunky and courageous! Us miniature Dachshunds were bred to do the same thing, but with rabbits. I admit, a badger would probably frighten me! Because we were bred to burrow, don't be surprised if we dig up your garden. I actually haven't had problems with digging before, but some Doxies really do enjoy a good digging session!


We're generally a rather healthy breed, but there are some things to watch out for. These long backs of ours are sensitive. Don't let your Dachshunds jump on and off of couches, beds, or other high places. You can purchase doggy ramps for that purpose. We also shouldn't go up and down stairs. It's the job of humans to carry us when stairs are involved! Oh, and although no dogs should be allowed to become overweight, you should especially make sure your Doxie maintains good weight. Too much fat could put strain on our backs! You also need to hold us a certain way (one hand on the chest and behind our tails) so you don't harm our backs. Don't pick us up front the front or hold our chests and let our backs hang down!


Dachshunds come in a few different sizes. There are standard Dachshunds (weighing between 16-32 pounds) and miniature Dachshunds (6-11 pounds). There are also tweenies, Dachshunds who are in between those standards. I weigh about 13 or 14 pounds, even though I'm technically a miniature Dachshund. I'm in shape, I'm just pretty tall! Whatever the size, us Dachshunds are still pretty small and we're the perfect travel companions!


There are three different types of Dachshunds when it comes to their coats: smooth, long-haired, and wirehaired. I'm a smooth, meaning my coat is very short, neat, and glossy. Long-haired Dachshunds have feathering on their chest, bellies, tails, legs, and ears. Wirehaired Dachshunds have bristly coats and wiry faces.


Doxies come in so many colors! Just to name a few, there are black and tan, red (like me), chocolate, cream, isabella, and piebald Dachshunds.


Us Dachshunds will appreciate a monthly bath (well, we might not appreciate it, but we need it) and occasional brushing. Well, us smooth Doxies will benefit from the occasional brushing...long-haired Dachshunds should be brushed every day or two, and wirehaired Dachshunds also need a good brushing quite often! They should also be hand stripped every few months.

Do we get along with...


Dachshunds are usually very protective and headstrong dogs, so some might not do well with kids. However, some Doxies like me will love kids very much! It definitely helps if we're socialized with kids from a young age. With any dog, kids should be taught how to properly behave around their canine pals to prevent anything bad from happening!

Other dogs?

We generally do well with all sorts of other dogs! Little dogs, big dogs, you name it! Of course we might not match up well with some doggies and some of us might not ever be fond of other pups, but it's nothing a professional trainer can't help you with!


Because we were bred to disagree with badgers and rabbits, we might chase or even harm cats. However, some Dachshunds simply will accept that a cat is a member of the pack and will leave them alone, especially if they were raised with cats. If your new Doxie doesn't seem too happy about his kitty comrades, it's impawtent to find a professional trainer to help out!

In conclusion...

If you can provide us with shelter, lots of affection, exercise, and training, and if you're patient and understand our breed, a Dachshund might be the perfect little dog for your family. Whether you're rescuing a Dachshund or maybe adopting from a reputable breeder, understand that not all dogs compare well to their breed standard when it comes to their appearance and personality. Let me just warn you though...all Dachshund owners will agree that they addictive! With two different sizes, three different coat types, and a variety of different colors and coat patterns, there's a Dachshund for everyone!

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