January 28, 2019

Wagner's 100% Black Oil Sunflower Seed Review

***I was sent this product for free by Chewy.com, but all opinions are my own***

I thought it would be fun to review Wagner''s 100% black oil sunflower seeds this month. They come in a 20 lb. bag!

First of all, the chickens love these seeds! Every few days they get a handful, and the oil helps keep their feathers strong and shiny. It also helps to regulate their weight. Tossing them some gives them something fun to do...they love running around gobbling up seeds and scratching around in case they missed any!

These squirrels were happy when I tossed them a handful...

There's a Chickadee, let's see if we can get a closer look at that bird on the other side of the feeder...

It's a Tufted Titmouse! These birds LOVE these sunflower seeds.

If you want to treat the birds in your life to something special, order some Wagner's black oil sunflower seeds HERE!


  1. oh I bet they are the perfect snacks for cold winter days ...

  2. It's nice to hear from you again! We give the birdies sunflower seeds when the weather gets really cold. The cardinals, chickadees, and juncos really like it. We put out a variety of seeds today so the birdies can have a feast when the cold polar freeze comes in the next few days. (We liked seeing your pretty chickens. They look so happy and content!)

  3. I know if the birds won't enjoy them, the neighborhood squirrels will!


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