June 7, 2018

Instinct by Nature's Variety Wet Cat Food Cups Review (Chicken)

***I was sent this product for free, but all opinions are my own***

Sorry, dogs of Blogville, but this post is a little bit different...I'm Banjo, and yes, I'm a cat. I'm still a kitten, so I'm young and wild, so the peeps have been giving me wet food so I don't steal food at dinnertime, and plus I like to work for it, so Robin has been teaching me tricks. It's important that the food I'm getting is nutritional and tasty, so my peeps are giving me Instinct by Nature's Variety wet food. This variety is chicken, and I'm ready to dig in!

These cups are a great size! My kitty brothers are very picky so I'll be the only one eating this, it looks like a lot but it's really not. I'll have half in the morning and the rest in the evening.

I'll do anything for this food! It smells delicious and contains only the best ingredients! This food is grain-free, meaning there are no cheap fillers to ruin this protein-rich meal.

Get your paws on Instinct by Nature's Variety wet food today! You can click HERE to order this kind!


  1. YUMMERS!!! HELLO BANJO! You are a very good lookin' kitteh! You did FABulous for your furst review! Nows....any leftovers???
    Ruby ♥

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