May 4, 2018

Wellness CORE Simply Shreds Review (Chicken, Salmon, & Pumpkin)

***I was sent this product for free, but all opinions are my own***

Z here for another guest review. Robin has gotten the chance to walk me and my brother Rudy a lot lately so while Chris has the rest of the blog we're getting to some reviews we need to do! Today I'm reviewing Wellness CORE Simply Shreds. This variety is made of chicken, wild salmon, and pumpkin. Yum!

This product is a great topper to mix into your kibble...definitely makes mealtime more exciting!

I'm ready to dive in! There are only 5 ingredients in this food: Chicken, chicken broth, water, pumpkin, and salmon. Sounds healthy to me!

It's heaven in a bowl!

If you want some Wellness CORE Shreds for yourself, click HERE! Happy eating!

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