April 20, 2018

Some Things

FIRST THING: WE NEED TO START POSTING MORE! What's wrong with us? BOL! We'll do our best to keep up with your blogs and share our own posts!

SECOND THING: Um, my mom needs to buy a calendar because she obviously doesn't know IT IS SPRING! Why she still has my holiday theme up, I have no idea. We'll get to that soon!

THIRD THING: We're shattered to hear about Jessie the Boxer's passing. She was a very special Blogville furiend and she lived an amazing life. I still remember meeting her and Casey with Oreo in Texas a couple years back. Your memory lives on, Jessie. <3

Excited to catch up with all our Blogville furiends!


  1. We haven't been doing too good either. Time keeps slipping past!

  2. Wow, Jessie was such a cowgirl. She rode those mustangs better than any of us! I miss her every day. Thank you for remembering her.

  3. You are back!!! Yay!

    Momo & Pinot xo


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