March 12, 2018

Instinct by Nature's Variety Oven-Baked Biscuits Review (Rabbit + Apple)

***I was sent this product for free, but all opinions are my own***

Yep, it's me again, Z! Because Chris gets the blog the rest of the time, he's very generous and letting me (and sometimes my brother Rudy) do some reviews for him. Today I'll be reviewing Nature's Variety Instinct Oven-Baked treats. These are made from rabbit and apple...YUM!

These taste just as good as the actual rabbits I've eaten before. (I'm a country dog, y'all!)

There are only a few ingredients in these biscuits and they're all healthy! You don't have to feel bad giving these to your beloved pups.


That's all for today! If you want to get your paws on these morsels of perfection, click HERE! Have a pawsome day!


  1. Oh I'm all for MORE treats!!!
    And these do look VERY tasty
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. That looks super yummy! I've caught several rabbits in my life. Once Dad even grilled them up for me. How delicious can you get? I like apples too. I bet the combination is excellent!

  3. We have had that brand of kibble and it is very good!
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. yes yes yes... more treats please


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