February 17, 2018

Kindness For Our Furry Friends

My mom loves all animals and supports any organizations that give animals a helping hand, but one rescue close to heart is Releashed Rescue, a Siberian Husky rescue near Atlanta. I've loved them for so long, but a few weeks ago when I learned of how Eventbrite aims to inspire live events on Random Acts of Kindness Day, I saw that their fundraising ideas blog post and nonprofit resources, truly help to inspire others to get involved.

Also, I got to thinking of how my mom used to live close to the Petsmart where Releashed  would hold events so she got to know dozens of their fabulous dogs and volunteer with them. Now she lives in another part of Georgia so she no longer gets to bond with the Releashed dogs, but I thought I should show off these former adoptables because homeless dogs are just like any other dog: they want to show kindness and receive kindness!


Sarge was pulled from a shelter and was at Releashed Rescue for a while. My mom says he was her favorite dog there as she'd always walk him and had a real bond with him. He was uncontrollably sweet, but he had glaucoma and his vision got progressively worse. In fact, my mom wished she could adopt him before she met me! Last year he was adopted and I'm sure he's getting lots of love wherever he is.


This sweet black Lab mix girl wants nothing more than treats and belly rubs! The time my mom met her, she was always wagging her tail. Sequoia didn't know she was a "homeless dog". She was ready to wiggle her way into anyone's heart!


Your typical Husky, Spanky was sometimes vocal, high-strung, and full of mischief, but that didn't stop his sweet side from coming through! My mom loved hanging out with this fun-loving, boisterous boy. I bet he's keeping his new family on his toes while also making them smile!


Now my mom doesn't remember much about this cutie's personality, but there's nothing to say...these eyes are STUNNING and now a very lucky someone gets to wake up to these blue jewels each morning!

What are you waiting for? Find a way to help dogs in NEED on Random Acts of Kindness Day!


  1. What a pawsome rescue group. Here's to find fur-ever homes for all their pets and not just on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

  2. What a cute dogs! I love them so much and I think that their eyes are the most energetic and sincere in the world. As a follow up after job interviews I always say that dogs are my favorite animals and I will always spend some of my time for them.


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