January 2, 2018

New Year's Resolutions

  • Eat treats
  • Like a LOT of treats
  • Like 87 more than I did last year
  • Send lots of peemail
  • Beg for lots of food
  • Have lots of "accidents"
  • Go for 87 million walkies

What about you? Got any New Year's resolutions?

(Can't remember if we posted this picture before?)


  1. That sounds like a good list you've got there. Maybe I'll make it mine too! One can never have too many treats!

  2. Grreat resolutions! We posted ours on our blog this morning. It's impawtant to try to think of ways to improve, even if you're as pawfect as us.

  3. More walkies and treats, and... Yes, Sam we know...it's always the same with my knuckleheads. 😁


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