November 18, 2017

Soaking In The Sun

This HUGE sun puddle feels awesome on my furs!


  1. Yes, the sun puddles feel extra good this time of year. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Chris, and don't eat too much turkey.

  2. We could use some of that nice sunshine. Today it's dreary yet again!

  3. Sun puddles are the best this time of year when it isn't so warm.

  4. We haven't seen the sun much this past week, but maybe it will be reappearing this week. Your furs really shine in that sunpuddle.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Looks like a comfy warm place for a nap!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  6. Always good to find the sunny spot to rest! Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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