November 15, 2017


OMD...the peeps are leaving to go to New York for the week to spend Thanksgiving with their family. OMD...why can't I get a fill of the roasted turkey and mashed potatoes? My mom is helping me get lots of posts ready of me she'll post in New York. She was going to post pictures she takes there while she is there, but my mom wants to spend as much time as possible with her extended family (and she's also doing National Novel Writing Month, so she has to squeeze that in too) so she won't be posting NY pictures until after the trip.

I can never forgive my peeps for leaving me high and dry, but my mom said she might bring me home something if she finds something she'd think I like. At least there's one good thing about it...I'm a little worried because my mom's grandpawrents have a dog and I'm scared my mom will love him so much she'll forget me! She said that she'll never forget me, and even though she loves Ralphie, I'm her favorite. BOL

Au revoir, mom!


  1. Christmas, your sweet Mom might love on Ralphie, but she loves you the MOST and would never forget you. Happy Thanksgiving to your family and safe travels to your family.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Don't worry Christmas. She'll be back and I'm sure you'll be getting some special treats and toys then too!

  3. Christmas; hope yur mom N her familee haz a safe journee anda happee pie day ~~~

    now.....PARTEE AT CHRISTMAS' HOUZ !!!!!!!!!!♥♥


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