November 25, 2017

Arty or Artie?

Hey, Arty! At my breeder's house, there's 87 horses. I was sniffing out the pawfect one to get a picture with for my blog.

I was falling for a pretty golden mare, but then I saw this handsome dude! You'd never guess what his name is...or maybe you would...his name is Artie! I know it's spelled differently, but he still looks a whole lot like you.

Let's take a vote...who's better looking? Arty or Artie? I've got a vote for Arty!


  1. Dey are both pretty handsome.

    Horses??? Brinley LUVS barkin TV horses. She's never seen a real one.

  2. WOW...he does look an awfully lot like me, doesn't he??


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