November 28, 2017

Adopt Me! Peter

Hey, I'm Peter! I'm the cutest kitten in the world. That is not a biased opinion, that is totally a fact. Don't you agree?

I'll be your best buddy. Pick me up and carry me around...I'll think it's awesome! I'm like a little furry baby minus the diaper bills and high-pitch screaming. I'm pretty chill and relaxed, but I'll also play and have fun with you becauses that's what kittens do! I get along with dogs and kids. I'm very patient and brave. I'd fit in most households because I'm such an outgoing dude.

I'll zoom around the house faster than a racecar and play with any toy you put in front of me. I'm sure I'd probably prefer cardboard boxes because that's what always happens, you buy an expensive toy for a cat and then they only play with the box. So yeah, give me anything and I'll have a good time!

If you want to be adopted, I'd be flattered! Click HERE to fill out an application to take me home. If you aren't able to do that, just click HERE to donate to the All About Cats rescue! If you can't donate, don't sweat it. Just click HERE to browse adorable kitties and more on the rescue's website!

I'll be your best friend if you give me the best home!


  1. I hope that cute kitty cat finds his forever home real fast! Who wouldn't want him?

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  3. That's great news! There is a lot to think about, but you are here to make the adoption process as smooth as possible.


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