September 7, 2017

What's Christmas Wearing?

This is just a friendly disclaimer by Chris' mom Robin!

If you're concerned about Christmas wearing a choke collar in my posts, I'm so glad you care about my pup enough to worry, but have no fear!

Chris is actually wearing a martingale collar. It has a chain at the end to attach the leash to, but it is not a choke collar. It doesn't put unnecessary pressure against his neck, although Chris is very well-behaved on leash anyway. Chris never wears this collar unattended, I use it for training time and walks.

Chris can be trusted pretty well off leash when supervised, but while on walks, he sometimes likes to slip his collar when he gets spooked by something. Just an old habit. Chris can not slip out of the martingale, which is why it's handy.

The martingale is also handy when we practice dog show stacking and gaiting. While I stack him, the collar helps keep his neck in the proper situation if I hold it in a certain way.

I personally don't believe in choke/prong/pinch collars and I'm not trying to hate on anyone who uses them, but I know a lot of you share my beliefs and I don't want to have to worry about anyone thinking I use unnecessary training tools on Chris.

He's small and neck problems could lead to back problems, especially in Dachshunds, but Chris doesn't like to walk much in a harness and he doesn't pull anyhow in any collars, so I feel safe using the chain martingale on him during supervised training sessions, walks, and outings.

Thanks for understanding!


  1. I have to admit I'd never heard of a martingale collar before so this was a very interesting post. Previous paws Chloe had neck problems because she pulled on her collar so much so now my peeps use a harness for our walkies.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Jakey wears a martingale collar(although his is canvas material) too, he is an expert collar slipper! Arty wears a harness for walking.

  3. I have one too and it helps a lot, specially when our neck is a little thicker than our head... to chase a collar slipping dog through a show ring is no fun, so we found the solution in a martingale collar...

  4. Our trainer suggested that we use a martingale collar for training sessions as well and it is only used for those sessions. Otherwise he has a rolled leather collar since flat collars tend to mat his neck hairs and a harness when we go on walks.


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