September 16, 2017

Scuba + Azalea

My mom's beloved Betta fish whom she had since February, Scuba, sadly passed away due to his internal illnesses on September 6th at 1:45 a.m.

My mom tried everything to save him over the course of many months, but nothing worked.

Scuba seemed to be acting better a few weeks ago, but all the sudden was couldn't swim upright on the 5th and didn't want to eat or move around much.

My mom thought she would end up humanely euthanizing him as there are ways to do so on a fish, but Scuba ended up dying naturally.

My mom stayed up with Scuba while he was dying and held him for in his tank for over an hour until he took his last breath.

Scuba will always be remembered and is no longer in pain and is now as bright and fully finned as he once was. He is buried in a nice spot with a view of the house in the front yard by some bushes that will probably bloom with flowers in the spring.

Here's Scuba in full health in April, on his final day, and in his resting place. Last name is blocked out for safety purposes.

My mom will never love another fish like she loved Scuba. He was her heart fish, just like I'm her heart dog, and she misses him a whole lot and wishes she could save him.

However, my mom also missed having a finned friend around.

So she cleaned all of Scuba's things (tank, heater, filter, etc.) with a bleach and water solution and rinsed a million times to make sure no bleach residue was on anything.

She wanted to make sure everything was super clean in case Scuba had anything contagious he could pass on to another fish. My mom stashed away Scuba's cleaning siphon, his leaf hammock, the cup he came in and went in for water changes, and she also saved his heart cave and put it beside his grave with flowers in it.

She wants to make sure she doesn't use things that were very special to him that she should only use to remember him.

My mom got new plants and other things for the tank and new fish, and on Thursday she brought home a beautiful female Betta.

My mom was hoping to get a female Betta to avoid fin problems with a long-finned male Betta, and she didn't need to look long when she saw this pretty girl. She was so feisty and active it would seem wrong not to get her!

Without further ado, meet Azalea Quest, also known as Azzie.

Azalea is the complete opposite of Scuba. She zips around all day, she's aggressive, feisty...she is also a lot more curious and alert, although Scuba did have those qualities in his better days.

It was great for my mom to see Azzie exploring her tank once she was first released into it. After all, all Azzie knew was the cold, tiny cup in the pet store, not a 2.5 gallon heated, filtered tank with plenty of places for her to hide and explore!

My mom doesn't have any photos of Azzie that are very good yet because this girl is nonstop action, but here's her tank setup and a photo of her on her first day home.

My mom will always miss her Scoobs, but she's very excited to welcome Azalea home!


  1. We are so sorry to hear about Scuba, we now how much he meant to your Mama.

    Welcome Azalea!
    Jakey and Bilbo

  2. Sorry to hear about Scuba. I know you can get just as attached to your fish pets as your doggies and kitties. The chiropractor I see once in a while has a special set of tanks for beta fish in the waiting room. They're next to each other, but they can't see each other so they don't fight. They're arranged so that the water flows like a little waterfall from one section to the next. I'll take a picture the next time I go there. The fish all look pretty healthy and happy. Say hello to Azalea for us!

  3. Robin, we are so very sorry to hear about Scuba. We know how hard you worked to make him well again. He sure was a beauty!!! But now Azalea is pretty darn pretty too - such a lovely color, and your name for her is perfect. We hope she does well for you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty and Timber

  4. So sorry about Scuba. We know you did all you could to get him well.
    Azalea is beaui
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. Oh noes. I am so sorry abouts Scuba. I knows you did everythings in your power to gets him well, and I knows he knows that too. Azalea is GORGEOUS! Oh, she is gonna loves her new home! Welcome to Blogville Azzie!
    Ruby ♥


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