September 1, 2017

Baby Animals

Even though I'm my mom's #1 furry friend, that doesn't mean she doens't come across baby animals every now and then.

This pup is a Boxer/Pit Bull mix with the sweetest brown eyes and silkiest chocolate coat!

My mom doesn't know this sweet girl's name, but she sure was adorable!

Here's mom with a baby goat with freakishly gigantic ears.

This critter gives me the chills...

Have a pawsome day!


  1. Oh Chris, your Moms sure got good taste in anipals! I thinks even the snakey is cute! Butts the puppers...ADORABLES! (oh, and your MOms not to bad eithers ☺)
    Ruby ♥

  2. Armfuls of precious...well except for the green thing. Eek!

  3. What cute babies! (Yes, even the little snake!)


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