August 29, 2017

Angel Katie

My mom has been reminding herself ALL MONTH that the 28th is the day to memorialize our beloved pets gone too soon. And guess when she accidentally decided to forget? YESTERDAY! So, here is my late tribute to my sister Katie. My mom wrote this poem in January with Katie in mind. It may not sound like it makes a lot of sense, but to my mom it does.

The scent of must hangs overhead
Looming, present, swirling from afar
The sincerity of a raven’s cry
A desperate mourning plea for air.

A gently bending blade of grass
The rustling of the autumn leaves
All life absorbed from the helpless ones
All sucked from it, its green.

Glimmering, shimmering, misty eyes
The distance gazed from shore
The desperate faces of those once loved
And the memories once poured.

Once here with the one so mentioned
A casual theme of calm
Taken for granted leaving melancholy
Where the wistfulness once was.

Embedded in the beaten ground
Mark of tradition lies so deep
Engraved into the hearts and souls
Who admire those who sleep.


  1. I miss my dogs, the ones who had to leave, and wish I had more time.

  2. yes we never have enough time with our furbabies
    Hazel & Mabel

  3. it is never too late, because they are always in our hearts... efurry day...

  4. Lovely poem. It's always appropriate to remember. Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of my beloved McKenzie. I think of him most days but last when it was real quite I savored his memory.


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