July 15, 2017

Off To Florida!

I'm at my breeder's house. The peeps are driving to Florida for the week starting today. Which apparently is more than 87 miles away. Like they did last year if you read my blog then, they're going to Naples, Florida to stay at their aunt and uncle's house. They have a huge heated neighborhood pool, they have their very own pool on their own decorated lanai, and their house is like staying in a hotel. It's doggone pawsome I hear.

My mom will do her best to post one photo every day of her trip and she'll call the series "One Photo of Florida".

My mom and I both wish I could go, but that will have to wait for when my mom is old enough for just the two of us to go on a trip together!

The cats, my mom's brother's leopard gecko, the 7 chicks, and my mom's 3 hermit crabs and Betta fish will be cared for by a neighbor. As mentioned, I'm with my breeder. My mom will be taking her 10 beloved land snails with her, which she has done on the two previous family vacations. (She's crazy)

My mom hopes Scuba the Betta will pull through this week even though he's been so sick, so please keep him in your prayers.

My mom will have time to work on the Summer Dance, so maybe that's what she'll post one day during the trip or immediately afterwards!


  1. Your mom went on vaca without you? Couldn't she sneak you in a suitcase or something?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. have a wonderful time in florida robin... and also a super funny time for christmas with the pups of the breeder ;o)

  3. Hope your mom has a safe trip and you have a fun time at the breeders house.

    Prayers for Scuba!!!

    Puppy Growls,


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