June 10, 2017

Instinct by Nature's Variety Healthy Cravings Review (Beef)

***I was sent this product for free from Chewy.com , but all opinions are my own. If you'd like me to review one of your products, visit my "product reviews" tab for more information.***

Us dogs are not picky animals. We can eat the same kibble day after day without getting tired of eating it. But don't you want something a little extra special, and natural, to jazz up your mealtimes? Don't you think adding some raw food to your diet will be beneficial to your health?

Nature's Variety Instinct Healthy Cravings are just the thing you need! They say variety is the spice of life, am I right? These food toppers taste so good, even the bag is yummy! (Hint: that's a matter of opinion...)

Mom made me do "leave it" for this photo. Mean mama!

These morsels of pure and utter joy pass the sniff test...

They pass the moist, totally scrumptious, meaty texture test, too!

Did they pass the test taste? You bet! These toppers are delicious cubes of healthy, protein-packed, natural beef that come in a totally pawsome broth. If you need some more hydration this summer, want to add some more yum and protein into your day, or if you need coaxing to eat your kibble, Nature's Variety Instinct Healthy Cravings will be ideal for you, my friend!

A few things I should say...these are toppers, meaning they're not supposed to make up all of your diet. They're meant to be poured on top of your kibble or mixed in with it. However, I had already eaten breakfast when my mom wanted me to review this product, so I just had the toppers on their own. They are delicious, but they're too wet to use as occasional treats or for training sessions. It's more of a hearty beef stew for pooches!

I wish we knew about these toppers when my sister Angel Katie was around, she was super picky and lost a lot of weight because of it. She would have loved these!

I should mention these toppers come in both beef and chicken. If you're allergic to chicken, please note that the beef variety too contains chicken.

Spice up your feeding routine with some Nature's Variety Instinct Healthy Cravings raw food! You can order a bunch of serving size packets HERE at Chewy.com.

Enjoy your day!


  1. That looked very delish!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. OOHHH! we asked for these but have not gotten them yet~

  3. chris that looks delicious... can I eggs-change a chicken breast for a little bit instinct?


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