April 30, 2017

This Happened...

My mom is rushing to complete the first draft of her second book that she started month (online there's a site that challenges you complete a novel in one month!) so this post has to be quick. Anyway, the peeps were running errands last week on Friday, and one of the places they went to was Petsmart. While my mom went to get a couple things to help my fish brother Scuba's torn fins heal, the other peeps went to look at the adoptable cats. You know, the ones from All About Cats that my mom always writes about!

Well, long story short they fell in love with a tortoiseshell named Crumpet while my mom was casually buying fish supplies, unknowing that her younger siblings picked out a new family member! It was supposed to be a quick Petsmart trip because my mom's brother was at his math class and needed to be picked up, but that didn't happen!

One thing after another, Crumpet came home and the pretty kitty was locked away from the rest of the house and critters for a few days so she could learn the smells and sounds of the house.The other three kitties are male, so we've never had a female cat before.

Crumpet is an odd name, so the peeps renamed her Nutmeg. My mom suggested it, and although she liked the name Asia or Sage more, Nutmeg was the final name. She has been very territorial over the other cats so we may or may not keep her, but we'll make a decision that's best for her. I sure hope this pretty kitty can stay with us!

Without further do, meet Nutmeg!


  1. Hello Nutmeg! I love your name and I hope to hear more about your adventures in your furever home :o)

  2. Hello sweet Nutmeg!! Nice to meet you!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  3. hello nutmeg its dennis the vizsla dog hay hello nice to meet yoo yoo shoor ar pritty!!! this seems to be the munth for cats a kuple of them hav misteeryusly apeerd heer too!!! ok bye


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