April 28, 2017

Meet The Other Pets: Part 2

This is the second addition to the "Meet The Other Pets" series! You met my own hermit crabs yesterday, so today meet my 16 year old brother's leopard gecko.

Simon, a baby leopard gecko, was adopted by my then 8 year old brother (who is now 9) at Petsmart in April of 2016. 10 months later in February, he got tired of looking after Simon so he gave him to my older brother. My older brother renamed the gecko Thorn. Thorn has a habit of biting me so I can't say I spend too much time with him, but my brother enjoys feeding him crickets and mealworms and watching Thorn climb up the decor in his tank.


  1. Hello Simon! Do you sell GEICO insurance?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Our Jessy human had a leopard gecko who looked exactly like Thorn. His name was Elvis. She had Elvis for many years. But when she moved to Florida, she left Elvis to stay with ghostwriter and Dad, where he lived to the ripe old age of ten! He was a respectable old gecko!


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