April 27, 2017

Meet The Other Pets: Part 1

Robin here! I decided to give Christmas' sore paws a break and write about the other pets in the household...I hope you'll like getting to meet them! They're not the new authors of the blog or anything, but I think you should know who they are. For the first part of this series, meet my own pet hermit crabs!

I adopted Brigadier (or Brig, Briggy, Brigster) from Petsmart in September of 2015. He (yep, it turns out he's likely male) used to be very spunky and all over the place, but now he's more independent and secretive. If you handle him, he won't come out of his shell for 10-20 minutes, but when he does, he no longer shows any fear. Brigadier usually likes to do his own thing, but during the night he likes to dig himself out of the sand and let out his inner daredevil. He'll climb up and down coconuts if you let him! He is currently in a greenish round shell, not the one in the picture below.

I adopted Lola (also called Lo, Lolo, Lola Girl) at the same time as Brigadier. There was another crab we also got that day, Penny, but due to stress she passed away soon after we got her. Lola is always up to something. She rarely digs into the sand, and although she is skittish around people, she doesn't tuck into her shell, she hangs out and flails around! Lola is overall a friendly and outgoing crab, but just like the others, she is wary of people. Lola is usually eating, hiding under her piece of wood, or soaking in the saltwater. She does like to bully Brigadier sometimes! Lola is still in the shell seen below.

Lastly, we have Harley. I got this girl in April of 2016. She's an interesting crab...she digs more than Lola and less than Brigadier, and although she's a fun crab, she can be stubborn, dominant, and feisty! If you hold her, be prepared to be lightly pinched or peed on. She is clever, sensitive, and can be noisy with her chirping! She'll walk and scrape her shell against the side of the tank at night, too. Harley was my third crab whom I got later on, so while I planned on getting a new crab, I chose the name Henry Aloysius. That was Harley's name when I took her home, but then I saw she was a girl so I chose the name Harley. Her full name is Harley Davidson Henry Aloysius! She is currently in the shell seen below.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the hermies! If you want to sign a petition I made to give better lives to hermit crabs at Petsmart, click HERE!


  1. Hari OM
    What fascinating critters crabbies are!!! Lovely to meet them all. YAM xx

  2. Hi there crabby. You got a good mom there
    Lily & Edward

  3. They are all very cool. We love all creatures great and small

  4. We furst learned about crabs from the Crabby Girls. It's nice to meet more examples of a cool drool species!

  5. That was very informative. We had no idea hermit crabs did all those things!

  6. Hi Brigadier, Lola and Harley... it's great to meet you! ...and I learnt so much about you hermies while reading yours and sarge's blog...


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