February 4, 2017

Adopt Me! Tootsie

What's up? I'm Tootsie, the most handsome, intelligent, clever kitty you'll ever meet! I'm just a year old, and if you want to know, I'm a little shy but a lot of sweet. I really hope you'll like reading about me...I've been dreaming of a furever home for a long time now!

I'm a dashing young fella. I was born wearing a neat tuxedo and I've got the coolest owl-like eyes you'll ever see! I've also got tiny tufts of fur on the tips of my ears, which make me even more of a hoot. Everyone thinks I'm such a gentleman, and I think they're right! If you want to take me home, it would be great if you could adopt my pal Benny with me, but if you really can't get two cats, I'll still be happy to join your family.

Benny and I were found in an outside colony of cats. We were rescued by someone who saves kitties and Benny and I found a home in no time. That home wasn't a furever home though, and we were given back to the rescuer because apparently we were too shy. What did she expect from a couple of cats who had just been rescued from the outdoors? The rescuer decided to euthanize us instead of finding us a more understanding home. Luckily, someone who worked at the vet clinic we were brought to saves cats about to be euthanized and brought us to All About Cats. Woohoo!

If you want to fill out an application to take me home, click here! If you can't do that, you could always click here to donate to the All About Cats rescue. Can't do that either? No worries! You can still click here to check out the rescue's pawsome website!

I'm waiting for the day when my furever family sees me and knows I'm the one...I'm already wearing a fancy tux, so I'm ready for the occasion!


  1. That looks lust like one of our Front Yard Cats.

  2. What a beautiful kitty cat! I hope he finds a good home!

  3. We hope Tootsie finds a furever home real soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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