January 5, 2017

Human Hypnotism Tips

If you want to hypnotize your humans, here are some impawtent tips on how to successfully do so!

1. Use your eyes. Your eyes have so much communication potential. This tip is especially helpful if your eyes are very large or a rich brown color, but the peeps can't seem to resist any doggy eyes. Proudly flash your eyes at your peeps and hope for the best.

2. Use your voice. Barking is just annoying to the peeps and they'll think you're nothing but a spoiled brat. Instead, do little whimpers and barking that sounds like you're talking. You know, like Huskies do.

3. Use your paws. While whining and flashing those precious eyes, lift your paw a little bit or wave it in the air for that extra cuteness factor.

4. Use your tail. You could wag your tail so the peeps will feel bad not giving you what makes you happy. If you're trying to hypnotize your peeps to give you a treat, maybe a toy, or an extra walk, they'll think twice about saying no to you. Also, tucking your tail will make them think you're the saddest dog on the planet and you won't survive without that extra bacon bit.

5. Use touch. If you rub against your peep, or even lightly touch them with your paw, they'll feel warm inside and want to give you what you want from them. We give them affection, they have to pay us back somehow. Maybe with that treat you want!

6. Emphasize what you want. Maybe the peeps aren't one hundred percent sure what you want, or are completely clueless! That's when you make eye contact with the object (toy, treat, etc.) and then look at your peep so they understand what you want them to do for you. If you want a walk, look at the door or your leash and then look at your peep.

Personally I've found all of these techniques to be very successful and I hope you do, too!

Pee. S. I've got my brown eyes flashing for lots of communication in the photo below! Also, you might notice that it looks like I have no tail because I'm wagging it so fast. Begging game strong!


  1. You rock Christmas! This is valuable information. We are going to keep these tips secret
    Lily & Edward

  2. Grreat tips! Momma says she just can't resist our sad eyes.

    1. Haha! This really works on me. My old golden retriever used to be so hungry - all the time - that whenever I had something to eat he would just stare me really deep in the eyes. It would become awkward really quick - proving that he knew what he was doing all along :)

      /Adam - The Doggy Institute

  3. OMD Christmas... THESE are EXCELLENT Hypnosis Tips... OMD our Mom is SO Easily Mesmerized by SEVERAL of these... and when we COMBINE them... with BOTH of us workin it... She just CRUMBLES and lets the Treats or Toys or Grooming... come GUSHING OUT in Our Direction.

  4. Those are good ideas. We usually use touch and the STARE!

  5. Christmas how do you like your new house? Have you found lots of new hiding places?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Oh very GOOD and USEFUL advice Christmas….I may have to go and try these tips out on Mum……excuse me a minute….
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Those are some great tips, Chris. We seem to have very good results when we just stare at her with our eyes WIDE open:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Those are some great tips! Don't forget to do that little head tilt too. They can't resist that!

  9. Those are great tips!! We are big fans of "pawing" our pawrents when we want attention, BOL!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Dude, these are some FABulous tips! I do use the whining and (as Ma likes to call it...)the 'Eddie Stare' (from the TV show Fraiser). It doesn't work on her, butts it sure works gang busters on Gpa! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  11. And da head tilt - dat one always works!

  12. thanks for such great tips... I will try it... you are a fab techer Christmas :o)

  13. I know a dog who has the biggest, bluest eyes I have ever seen. I am glad he is not my dog - I would never refuse him anything once I looked into those eyes.

  14. These are all super duper tips Christmas! We hope the move went smoothly!

  15. Great tips!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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