January 29, 2017


Today I'm going to tell you all what it means to co-own a dog.

A lot of you might not know this (and I always forget this!) but technically, I'm Christmas' co-owner. Under the "owner" part of his AKC papers, it says the names of his two breeders and then mine. Before you all freak out that Chris isn't actually my dog, calm down! Just because Chris is technically just co-owned by me, the breeders consider him to be fully mine and so do I. Oh, at the end of this post I'll insert a picture of me signing the papers to own Christmas the very first day I met him and started training to become a dog handler.

I got Chris when he was nearly 2. His breeders thought he would live with them forever but when I came along looking for a show dog, they gave him to me. For example, if I got him as a puppy, the breeders would know that they were looking for a home for Chris and they wouldn't be his permanent owners and they wouldn't have signed to be his owners. Because that already happened and they didn't know a junior handler would be coming along to become his new parent (me), they were still tied in to being two of his owners.

Christmas' breeders refer to him as my dog and just because Chris' papers say otherwise, he's basically my dog. I pay for his supplies and care for him because he lives with me and I love doing that for Chris. The breeders are still an important part of Chris' lives, especially because we visit their farm so I can do dog show training and visit my cockatiel, Muppet.

Christmas remembers that he used to be with his breeders and he's always glad to see them and be in the home he once lived in. He was only in the house at night or when the weather outside was extreme, because they kept him and their other 20-30 Dachshunds as outdoor dogs in kennel runs, but he still knows the little house well. Chris also stays at his breeder's place for free when we go on vacation or go away for a weekend. It doesn't happen often, but it's still better than paying for boarding AND forcing my dog to be in an unfamiliar boarding environment with several strange dogs.

Co-ownerships usually happen between breeders and dog owners so the breeder still has the privilege of breeding the dog, having some control of the dog, etc. but I don't have any of that with Chris and his breeders. Like I said, they were already owners of Chris before they knew he would meet his new mom one day, which means I had no choice but being one of his three technical owners. I should also mention that both his breeders and I have agreed to never use Christmas for breeding.

That's everything about co-ownership! No matter what AKC papers say, and even though Christmas still loves his breeders and is always welcome to be with them, my boy knows I'm his forever mom and this is his forever home.


  1. We think it is all about love and being part of the family. We know how much your Mama loves you and you love her, so it doesn't matter what is on a piece of paper :-)!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  2. Robin we think Chris' breeder owners SAW 87 tons of love in your eyes and great potential for Chris if he lived with you. Never did they imagine he would be known and loved all over the world through his blog
    Thank you for sharing ...now we are kinda cocococococococo-owners too
    Madi and mom

  3. That's interesting, thanks. We're co-owners of HER.

  4. BaaaaaWaaah... We are WITH Bella and ROXY and Dui... WE CO OWN our peeps also.
    WE think you are your Mom's and SHE is Yours and that is final.
    We are just GLAD that the two of you are TOGETHER.

  5. Sounds like it all works out well!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. That is interesting. Our dogs are rescued. Part of our contract says in the event we can't take care of them or have to change ownership (say we got sick and couldn't care for them and a friend offered to take them), the rescue is to be notified and may decide to take them back. The idea is to stop them from ending up in shelters again. Maybe it is a little like co-ownership too!

  7. I co-own my dogs, even though I bred them, and most live with me. There are many reasons Co-ownership is pursued, including allowing the breeder to own and show more dogs while letting them be beloved family members in homes of their own. As a breeder, you just can't keep them all.

  8. Thank you for sharing this information! Very interesting. My sister has the same type of agreement as she owns show dogs. We are just happy that the two of you are happy together AND that Christmas gets to stay with his family/friends when you need to leave him for vacations!

  9. I agree with you Chris is your pup... and you and Chris are a team furver&ever. In my papers my dad is my owner, but I'm a mom-boy from toe to nose ... butt please don't tell him that hehehehe


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