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November 14, 2016

Let's Talk About...

Robin here!

I didn't put the subject in the post title, because I wanted people to actually read this post, haha. Today I wanted to talk about dog poop. Well, I didn't want to talk about it, but it's something that needs to be talked about.

I'm not going to start full on ranting or anything, but I hate when people let their dogs poop anywhere and leave it to be. Most people aren't like that, but some people are. I have seen people do it in other people's yards, and it almost makes me mad. I might not be the one with the now messy yard and I might not be the one that will end up picking up the poop, but the responsibilities of owning a dog aren't always fun games of fetch, affection during feeding time, and snuggling on the couch together.

I'm not fancy when it comes to picking up dog poop. Leftover plastic bags from Target work just fine for me, especially because with seven people in our family, grocery shopping comes in quantity! Of course there's the complicated process of trying to jam Target bags in your pockets, but hey, it works!

I admit I'm not usually a forgetful person (I still remember things from when I was like one or two) but for some reason I often forget to take bags with me on my daily walks with Chris. Maybe it's because it's very rare for Chris to poop in the middle of the day (not in the morning or not at night after his meals) that I find it hard to remember to take bags with me.

On the rare occasions that Christmas decides to poop on someone's lawn and I don't have a bag with me, I head home immediately, get a bag, and head back to the spot where Chris pooped. Luckily nobody has seen me do this, so we don't have to deal with ranting neighbors!

There are some crazy inventions nowadays when it comes to dog poop. I'm not interested in lugging around a metal pooper scooper every day during our walks and that Magic Poop Collecter thing Chester was talking about a few weeks ago (he wasn't too keen on it either!) is just weird. For now I'll just continue to pick up my dog's poop with Target bags and run home as fast as I can when I forget to bring a bag in the first place!

(Lucky for you, this post's photo is NOT relevant to the topic being discussed!)


  1. we use bread bags or any plastic bags, like veggie bags and Walmart bags if we need to and we always pick it up. we also pick up what is in our backyard. our neice has just hired someone to come to her house once a week and pick up poop in her back yard, she has 3 husky's that are not even a year old yet... 16 a week... not a bad job and we do it ourselves.

  2. There is nothing worse than people not picking up poop. Mom yelled at someone one time and told them they forgot something
    Lily & Edward

  3. Hari OM
    Very topical and correct Robin! One day last month as I left my home, there was a fellow and his dog doing business right beside the entry - he just looked at me walked on without picking it up. I called out to him but all I got was a 'play deaf' reaction. We have a hotline for such as this; recorded message, so I don't know if anything can be followed up really... but it is so frustrating when many are doing the correct thing. It just takes two or three to spoil the good record of all the rest! Huggies to you wags to Chris. YAM-aunty xxx

  4. One bad poop can mess up your shoes.
    We asked our neighbor if she wanted to borrow
    our shovel.She didn't know mom was watching from the porch.
    We use latex gloves and a bag to pick up pooooooo.
    Thank you Christmas for the reminder.

  5. Very good advice! Usually ghostwriter has me run around in my own yard for a while before going on a walk. That way I usually do my business there and not in other people's yards.

  6. The easiest thing we have found, is too buy the poop bag dispensers that clip right onto the handle of your leash. That way we never forget or get caught without a bag. (It has happened to us in the past too.). People not picking up after their dogs us one of my pet peeves. Especially at dog shows, where you have a couple hundred dogs (or more) relieving themselves in a small area. Clubs have lost show sites because of irresponsible owners not cleaning up after their dogs. /rant

    1. FYI - these bags, sold by Chewy.com, are awesome because you don't have to stand there for 87 minutes trying to get the bag open!

  7. Always a problem where I live in my city. Definitely not a pleasant site when walking by on the way to work! Love your blog!

  8. Outside our back gate there is a big green where everyone walks their dogs - and usually lets them poo all over the place as well! What is wrong with people they are too lazy to pick up after their dog.
    We buy cheap nappy (diaper bags) 12 pence for 100 to pick ours us and they do the job just fine.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  9. MY mom used to walk the next door neighbor's dog when the peeps worked longer hours.
    Mom always scooped Kasi's poop....always but she would often see poop that was not scooped
    hugs madi your bfff

  10. We totally agree with you. We have a Mom who is pretty good about picking up our poop both on our walks AND in our own yard. Our homes association has rules about that but they never seem to be enforced. Great post, Robin.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  11. We had a neighbor who when saw one left in her yard would collect it with a tissue and the next day if she saw the culprit would hand it back fresh side out! Nothing like a hand full of poop to teach one to clean up after their dog.
    Congrats on you appointment to Arty's city position.
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. Great photo Christmas.
    I've been working hard training my peeps to always bring poop bags on our walks, so far they've done very well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  13. most of the time my supply bag (all my stuff for training class) goes where I go so we always have bags on hand and mom keeps a spare in her purse too

  14. WE have Poop Bag holders on Every one of our Walkin Strings... Our mom LOVES our Poops and want to Collect Every one of them... EVEN those we leave INSIDE our FENCED YARD.. YEP... she has a Poop Scoop and a Turd Flipper thing .. then she puts everythingy into a Bag Lined Bucket... and once a week she ties THAT up and puts it in the Trash...
    People who Do NOT Pick it UP.... should Step in IT...

  15. we don't go anywhere without our poop bags - it is so important to poop and scoop !

  16. That is a great post for sure. We don't have a dog right now but it is such a good idea to pick up your dog's poop when you go for walks. Just makes things nicer for everyone. You all have a great day.

  17. Don't read our post about how Lady had to leave poop this weekend. In fairness it was an usual situation and she always has bags with her.

    1. I saw it, and that's an acceptable situation!

  18. We are alllll about picking up the poop!! Mama keeps bags...in our car, in her purse, on our leashes and in her pockets!
    Great PSA!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  19. We live in CA, the land of no plastic shopping bags! So, Ma buys poopie bags, not a big deal. Though, she has to gets KING SIZE poopie bags...hehehe (I thinks Ma could use some of your Target bags...just sayin'...☺) butts, yeah, nothin' makes steam come outta Ma's ears, more than peeps who don't scoop the poop!!! OR, that leave the poop bag in bushes or gutters or somewhere else! This is a real problem around here...peeps pick up the poop, then drop the bag a few houses down...arrrrrrgh!!!!
    Anyhu, good postie Chris, and loves the pic!
    Ruby ♥

  20. SHE uses cheap-o bags from the Reject Shop, but they do the job. SHE remembers to take them, but often forgets the unused ones in pockets!

  21. We get our poop bags from Chewy and use them whenever they're needed. Who wants to step in poo?!

  22. we use common poop bags and sometimes they don't hold what the package promised.... that's very annoying... but rather to have dirty hands than dirty shoes right?

  23. One of my "pet" peeves, too, Robin. I remember once I forgot a bag and my dog pooped in a neighbor's yard. The neighbor was near their house, so I asked them if they had a bag I could use. They were so happy that I was cleaning it up they didn't mind supplying the bag! Oh, and that was the only thing I hated about Paris -- having to watch not to step in dog poop on the sidewalks. Every night the city crew came through and cleaned it all up, but in the meantime, it was a land mine. ~Amy

  24. I always carry bags. Only once when I had no bags and that was at the beach and I marked the spot, got up to the council bag dispenser got a bag and came back. Although - as I said - I always carry bags all council owned properties where people ( with dogs) go walking have dog bag dispenser units and there are garbage bins around the place too.


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