September 6, 2016

Sign My Petition!

Robin here!

In mid July, I sent out a big email to a bunch of my Blogville friends stating that I created an online petition to help educate Petsmart about the unacceptable care they give their hermit crabs. I have three hermit crabs themselves (Brigadier, Lola, and Harley) who I rescued from Petsmart, and the conditions the crabs are forced to live in there are terrible.

Plus, many people think hermit crabs are inexpensive and low maintenance pets that make good beginner critters for their children. However, they are very complex animals who need special care. I've had Brigadier and Lola (Brigadier I found out is most likely male and Lola is female) since September and I've had Harley (who is female) since April. I don't even have an idea of how much money I've spent on the care of my hermit crabs since that time!

Anyway, I know a whole bunch of you have signed my petition, but if not, click here to go sign it! Even if you have signed it, I'm still looking for more supporters. I hope you can share it with your friends and family!

I didn't put too much info about proper crab care in the petition summary because that wouldn't be necessary unless you're hoping to adopt a hermit crab (or two...or three...or four...), but if you ever felt compelled to take home a hermie, you could always email me for some more info.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign my petition!


  1. Fantastic! You deserve all the support you can get with this issue
    Lily & Edward

  2. We already did! Good luck!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh no we did not know this
    Hugs madi yoru bfff

  4. Just remember not all Petsmarts are the same - I worked as a Petcare Manager at PetSmart for a long time and I know our hermit crabs were cleaned every single day, had fresh food and water every day and always had lots of shells to choose from. Every couple of days we would completely change there habitat and give them new climbing options. We also had a special contract people had to sign before they were allowed to buy one and we spent an hour teaching them about their care and showing them all the different products they could use.

  5. I signed! Reilly and Denny's Moms is right, all PetSmarts seem to have different levels of care. Our PetSmart is very good, butts I have been in some that are just sad. If you can change this for the better, I am all for it!
    Ruby ♥


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