September 3, 2016

Interview With Easy The Weimaraner

Christmas here!

As you might have known, yesterday was Easy the Weimaraner's birthday. Easy is a good pal of mine and is a friend to all of Blogville. I'm sure you've shared a few smiles, laughs, and inappropriate Pawlympics events with him. Teehee! Anyway, I had the pleasure of interviewing Easy a few days ago, and I got some great answers out of him. Let's dive into it!


What inspired you to start blogging?
It was a girl... a girl named Olive (click here to visit here to visit her blog) . The mama asked google as she was at the end of all wisdom once. Via Olive's blog she found out that I'm not odd or weird, I'm just a Weimaraner :o)

How long have you been blogging for?
We are on board since april 2012... and the furst time we just wrote for ourselves.... but one day it happened... we had ONE follower... it was Stuart. Click here to visit his blog. Without Stuart we probably had quitted blogging, but that he was there and liked what we wrote was like Christmas .... hehehe... yes... it was :o)

Where did your humans adopt you from?
I'm not adopted, the staff bought me from a breeder in Finistère. That's a departement of brittany at the end of europe, quasi the bordering country of the US...if we think away the water of the big pond...

How old are you now and how old were you when you were adopted by your peeps?
I turn 7 this friday (september 2th). I was nearly 3 months old as the staff picked me up. The breeder agreed to keep me two weeks longer because my crib was a building ground that time and the staff had to do a lot of things before I moved in my new crib :o)

Why did your humans choose a Weimaraner over the other 87 or so breeds of dog?
Accidentally, I think... the plan was either NO dog or if then a Russian Terrier. One day they looked for answers from a pathologist after they lost the two huskies... and the pathologist they found  bred Weimaraners, so while finding out the address they stumbled over my photo .... After one visit at the breeder they were in love immediately and they counted the days till they could pick me up... Oh by the way the great day they picked me up was a family thing, they came with my grandparents and they even celebrated a welcome party just for me :o)

What's you're favorite thing to eat?
I probably have some feline genes, I love fish and any kind of seafood, specially lobsters ... maybe that's because I was born next to the ocean?

What's your favorite dog toy or thing to play with?
I currently like to play soccer... every night around 10 pm I call the staff for a soccer match. The mama always hopes  that I will kill the soccer ball once, butt by now I keep the ball rolling... every night...

What affect do you have on your home and your humans?
Oh a lot... the humans both quitted  smoking inside of the house since I moved in. They changed a lot of things just for me... I've got my own twolegged elevator (dad) who carried me up and down the stairs till I was 9 months old, then he threw the towel in and said something about a manatee. We mostly do things or visit places where I'm allowed too. We also only travel when we find a howltel where I'm welcome. And because the mama knows how fast time flies, she tries to spend as much time as possible with me...

Do you live with any other animals?
Yes, I live with Hell-mut the tortoise who moved in in 2013 after he lost his home because of a non-animalfriendly new girlfriend of a relative. We also have a very very old rooster we named Captain Hook, because he has just one eye... my dad adopted him after he was condemned to walk the line by a farmer...

Did your peeps grow up with animals? If so, what kinds and what made those pets special?
My dad grew up with a capuchin monkey named Fipsi and a collie named... well,  Lassie, what else LOL. The mama grew up with german shepherds her grampy had while he worked as a jailer. The dogs could stay in the family after their retirement and I think the first one,  Conny, was the trigger for the mama do become a dog-person...

What or who encourages you and inspires you every day to continue blogging?
Apart from Bloghops and events we do together, it is me , Easy. I'm full of crazy ideas and there are not much days without a special happening in my crib.

Do you plan on blogging for the rest of your life?
As long as it is possible I think I will stay with blogging... but who knows, maybe once we find another thing what will replace blogging and we maybe can meet each other via teleportation to have a cat chat

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
It's the togetherness... to take care for friends, to become a part of their life and to see them as family members somehow. Blogging is like a ribbon what we wrap around the world and what becomes a gift that way :o)

What do you think about...kitty cats?
That's a gooooood question. I have a lot of feline friends in blogville, but to tell the truth,  in real life we go not well along. It's probably that the most kitties run away and look like a preay for me I have to hunt... Fortunately we had no serious accidents by now, only the knees, elbows of the mama and a leggings became victims of the proverbial dog&cat thing

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
I eat shoes and I can't stand blankets without spy holes... that mostly leads to trouble with the mama, butt she is just angry for 0.87 seconds... she loves me too much...

Has your blog changed the way your peeps see you and/or treat you?
Absolutely... they know that I'm the engine of this blog and the mama often treats me like a super star :o)

What is the main thing you hope to get across to your readers?
I hope I can bring a smile to my readers... the most of them are pet parents too and sadly life is not always fair and bad things can happen to the best.... If I can chase some sorrows and dark clouds away for a while or just for a minute then I think: mission completed.


Well, that's Easy for you! He's an interesting pup loving life as a blogger, self designated foodie, and spoiled Weimaraner. That's all for today, friends!

P.S. The dead lion for the Blogville Tea Party is only a few days away! If you haven't already sent in a picture, click here to learn how you can pawticipate!

P.P.S. I want to know what you guys think, should I keep doing Chris' Care Tips? Or should I use some of those tips and explain them with detail in their own posts every now and then?


  1. We adore Easy and his staff! What a wonderful interview! We like the tips like you are doing them now. Have a fun labor day weekend!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  2. Hari OM
    Oh this is such a typical Easy repawt... he's adoooorrablleeeeesss.... thanks for getting this interview for us Chris... and I too like the way you are doing tips just now! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. My love Easy has such great answers. We hope he stays blogging forever!
    Great interview!

  4. Oh many thanks for featuring me on your blog :o) I will link back immediately and the pictures for the teapawty are on the way to you in some minutes :o)


  6. What a great interview with the coolest euro-weimer we know!!!

    We like your tips and the way you are doing them now, too!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Nice to meet you, Christmas ! That's a pawsome interview of our furriend Easy ! Purrs

  8. Great interview. We can see why his family fell in love with him! What a character.

  9. What a great interview! We are big fans of Easy's, but we learned a lot here about him and his family that we did not know!

  10. That was a really good interview. We love Easy and we got to know him better now.

  11. Crikey ... What a great interview. Thanks Chris! I learned lots about Easy that I didn't know. He's a big sweetheart, aye?

  12. Great interview.. My D used to have a doggie like that - his name was Duke. That was way way before my time and before M's time also. He was a handsome doggie tho.

  13. Whoa! Easy doesn't get along with cats??!! Dunno about that.

  14. Good job interviewing, Christmas. I am kind of new in Blogville and I would like to visit Easy's blog and follow him. Is there a link fur it? Mimi loves the photo of Easy's mom with the German Shepherd. About your care tips: I think they are impawtant but you should do whatever is easiest fur Robin. Robin works furry hard, especially fur her age and she should do what is best fur her.
    Your Furend in Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  15. What a FABULOUS job you did interviewing Easy!! He is our friend and we are very pleased to learn more about him and his family! Mama's friend had two weimariners, but Easy is one of a kind and what a sense of humor!! Love that puppy pic!!

  16. What a grreat interview! It's always nice learning more about our Blogville furiends.

    I think the Care Tips would work better spun off into their own posts, maybe like a weekly (or whatever) feature.


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