September 29, 2016


That's right, pals!

I, Christmas, am hosting a giveaway, even though I didn't get my 87th follower yet!

I was thinking I would use RaffleCopter, but I decided not to.

With RaffleCopter, you can get extra entries by leaving a comment, following social media profiles of that blog, etc.

However, I wanted everyone to have one vote and one vote only. That way, everyone has the same chance of winning.

After the giveaway ends, my mom will write everyone's name on a piece of paper and choose someone at random.

If you'd like to enter, just leave a comment saying that you're entering the giveaway (along with the name of the dog(s) who the items will be for) and leave your email address in the comment. I have most of your emails, but there have been some new followers around the blog that I might not be able to contact.

Example comment:

Ooh, a giveaway! How fun! I'm Fido and my email address is in case I win.

In a week I'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway, and sending an email to the winner congratulating them and asking for the address I should send their prizes to. If I don't get a response in 48 hours, I'll have to choose someone else as a winner.

I won't be announcing the prizes so it's more exciting for whoever wins it. I chose dog items that should do well with all sorts of different dogs.

So, what are you waiting for? Leave that comment and hope for the best!


  1. Jake would be so pleased! He can be reached at rusthawk at gmail dot com. We both thank you! Woof!

    (I tried to follow several times but blogger kept giving me an error message.)

  2. Mum and I just luv giveaways. I am Cookie and the best e-mail addy for me is

    ttfn and toodle pip


  3. Please enter us? (We are new followers, we were hoping we would be your 87th!)

    1. Sure! It's Katkia222 @ sbcglobal. net
      (No spaces)

  4. It looks like you got your 87th follower! Yay! Mini never likes to turn down a chance to get treats (and such) so count us in!

    I don't know if you know my email (I emailed you a pic for the Blogville Tea Party) or not. Do you mind if I email you instead of posting my email address in the comments?

  5. Ooh, a giveaway! How fun! I'm Casey the Boxer, and my email address is in case I win. (It's actually Momma's email, but it'll get to me that way. BOL!)

  6. Yay for 87 followers!!! Jakey would love to enter your giveaway!! Mama says you have our email addy!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. We weren't sure it was for international pups.
    Good luck with the giveaway.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  8. Oooooooo! You knows I'm in Chris! I would like to enter your giveaway please. Do I get a better chance if I bribe you with cookies??? I do have some cookies....and they are delicious! No? oh well...can't blame a terrier for tryin'! BOL
    Yea!!! 87 followers!!!! Wooohoooooo!!! Oh, and Ma says you gots her email, butts if you don't just lets me know...
    Ruby ♥

  9. Christmas...I love your photo and we send good luck wishes to all the pups entered
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. We love a giveaway!!! Count us in. We can't tell if we are already followers or not, but your gadget on the side only gives us the option to "unfollow". Does that mean we are already following?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. SHE might order a hotdog, if SHE could find you inside the bun! So cute.

  12. A givaway! Fun! you can count Mabel in!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Christmas; we send best fishes two everee one in yur give away....we had ta stop
    bye two day ta say.... ya look total lee kewl in yur coztoom !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  14. Hi Christmas and Robin! I would like to enter Sambo in your doggie giveaway. He is a Black and Tan shorthair Dachshund who is almost four and a half years old. I enjoy reading your blog and we live in northwest Georgia. Good luck Christmas in the mayor's race! If Sambo is a winner, he can be reached at

  15. Hi Christmas and Robin! I am in Canada so I won't enter. It costs more to mail stuff across the border. But good luck to everybuddy who is entering! And we love your hot dog outfit. You look so cute!
    Your Furrend,
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  16. This sounds so fun and I think your hot dog outfit for your pup is so adorable! I'd love to enter!

    linjumimom at aol dot com

  17. Millie & Walter would love to be in on the contest. You can reach us at our mom's email address: cindywelch AT rochester.rr DOT com

  18. Ooh! I would love to be in the contest! My email is:

  19. Barbarella would love to enter your giveaway! I would prefer emailing you than putting my email address in the comments if that's okay with you.
    Good luck to everyone entering!

  20. I LOVE giveaways..count me in and you know my email


  21. Addi here. I wants to get in. I have same email as Oreo even though I live in a different house.


  22. my dad just added me... we fortunately found the google password back (after two!) The mama is a fan of this special clawstume... butt they are only available in small sizes... well sometimes the luck is with me LOL

  23. Shadow and Zari want to play. they can be reached at and it looks like you got 88 followers! Yahoo!! We kept getting the same error message as Rusthawk. We do get email notification of new posts though so maybe that means we're already followers.

  24. Benji would like to be included. His email you should already have'.


  25. My puppy Bella would love to be included :)

    julimi at aol dot com


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