September 27, 2016

Debate Tuesday!

Hello, pals! Yep, that's's Debate Tuesday once more! Fellow candy date Arty and I take turns coming up with questions we both have to answer. Last week I came up with the five questions, and this week Arty got to come up with some questions! Mayor Emeritus Madi also had a question for us. Here's what the both of us have to say!

Wait, first let me just here to head over to Arty's blog!

With Halloween coming up, what is your stand on anipals dressing up?

Arty: I think all animals should be able to make their own decisions about dressing up! This is a personal preference that shouldn't be regulated one way or the other. That being said, I don't mind dressing up. In most cases, Mama picks reasonable costumes (with the exception of the "Unicorn Incident"). Dory also likes to dress up. Now Jakey and Bilbo are the opposite and would much rather limit their dress up to simple ties or bandanas.

Christmas: It depends! I think doggies should speak up if they don’t like the ridiculous costumes their humans put on them, but of course some doggies enjoy them, so that’s totally fine. Of course the same logic applies to cats, but there are few brave souls who have attempted to dress up their cats, BOL. I actually go trick-or-treating with my mom on Halloween (I love being out and about with lots of people) and I love to wear my hot dog costume! My mom took me home in October last year, so I was just in time! My hot dog outfit actually feels like a jacket, so my mom has me wear it on cold days. In short, just make sure your peeps know what you think about the silly things they make you wear!

Do you think we should regulate our peeps into taking us out for daily walkies?

Arty: Most definitely!! If our peeps are able to get around, they should be taking us on daily walkies! May I recommend you buy your peep a Fitbit or Apple watch?  We  here at Dory's Backyard have all been going on at least one walkie per day since our peeps got theirs!

Christmas: Yes! Unless a dog has health problems or is too old to the point where they get no enjoyment out of walks, I think taking your humans ob daily walks is a great thing. My mom tries to take me for at least one walk a day that’s about a mile or so long (walking is her favorite thing to do, especially ‘cause she can do it with me) and I think walkies give time to think and exercise and bond with your peeps. Oh, and the peeps will make it sound like they walk you, but don’t be’re the one walking your peeps!

Revisiting baths....For the record where exactly do you stand when it comes to baths?

Arty: This is a rough one. Like dressing up, I think all dogs should be able to make their own decisions on whether or not they need a bath!! I personally don't mind baths because I have to get one once a week for my allergies. The rest of  our pack would love if baths were banished in Blogville furrever!

Christmas: I actually seem to like baths, and my mom bathes me every 25 days, unless I roll in something that smells really good to impress the ladies, like old dog poop or mud. Why the peeps don't like us doggies smelling good, I have no idea. Now, if you’re the type that doesn’t like baths but you’re peeps still bathe you, that means you haven’t trained your humans well enough. It’s impawtent to be calm and assertive and let your peeps know you’re the leader and they are the followers. Do followers force their leaders to take baths just because they rolled in something with a great scent? I don’t think so!

Stuff or Destuff?? What way to you like to play with your toys?

Arty: If given my druthers, I would keep my toys stuffed and squeaky them all day long!! Unfortunately, Jakey is furrever stealing my toys and performing squeak-ectomies and creating snowstorms. Thank goodness  Mama picks up extra stuffies whenever she sees them on sale! I also like chewing on toys that have already been de-stuffed.

Christmas: My momma says it’s likely because I’m a hound dog and I’m bred for the hunt, but I love to destuff! Squeaky toys are no match for my Dachshund awesomeness. I actually do have one durable squeaky plush bone that I picked out the day my mom took me home. I know that when my mom says “squeaker” it’s time to play with it! The squeaker has survived...or at least for now!

Sleeping in the big bed...Pro or Con???

Arty: That depends, if it is just Mama in the bed and there is plenty of room, I am a big fan of sleeping on the big bed with Dory and Jakey...BUT usually this only happens for weekend naps...Weeknights, the bed gets pretty crowded with Daddy and I would much rather sleep in my room where I can stretch out!

Christmas: My mom shares a room with her 5 year old sister, so she sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk bed, so obviously I don’t sleep with my peep. I also can’t be trusted out of my crate at night. I don’t have a chewing problem, I have a lifting my leg problem! Well, it’s not a problem, it’s just my way of saying this place is my territory! However, I do snuggle on the couch with my mom during the day and I think if you’re the kind of dog who has an accessible big bed and doesn’t pee everywhere, yes, make that big bed your bed! BOL!

If elected as mayor, will either of you make any big changes in the mayoral cabinet or just see how it fits w your agendas?

Arty: Great question Madi! If elected, I (and Mabel) will be giving the previous cabinet the chance to hold on to their position. If they no longer would like to hold their position, we will open up the position to volunteers. We will also be revisiting the present cabinet and adding any appointments or committees as needed!

Christmas: I think our current mayorz have done a pawsome job with the cabinet, and I don't feel like any serious changes should be made. If current cabinet members would like to keep their jobs, then they're free to do so. But if they'd like to open up the position to others, than they'll be free to do so. I don't think a new mayor should automatically mean new members of the cabinet, and I think it's impawtent for cabinet members to have a choice when it comes to what they should do.

Well, that's all for now! I hope this debate helped you learn a bit more about Arty and I. Anyway, I'm still looking for my 87th follower! Once I get one more follower, I'll be giving away a package of pawsome dog stuff that anyone can try to win! I'll have more info up later on, but first I need that one special follower to come along!

Next week's Debate Tuesday will be centered on my running mate Oreo and Arty's running mate Mabel. Yep, that's right, we'll be doing a Vice Mayors Edition! It will be a lot of fun. Until then, stay tuned for that pawsome giveaway!


  1. Wow! Great responses from both candidates!

  2. Hari OM
    Too close to call!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. MOLMOLMOL Christmas...we have a mental image of you walking around in the dark lifting your leg marking your territory. You.....are funny.

    Arty my friend...I don't like a crowded bed either...for that reason I crate my peeps at night.
    Sincerely Madi(son) D Cat!!

  4. Good job! Better than the TV debate
    Lily & Edward

  5. I think you both missed a big point in the costume question. Even if you LIKE to wear a costume, it should only be done with TREATS administered! You have to keep the peeps in their place. BOL!

  6. Pawsome debating
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. This debating thing is a blast!!!

  8. We think both candidates gave excellent answers.

  9. Great debate. You both make excellent points and even agree a lot:). Phantom was too old to go very far but he still loved a walk. Mom let him dictate how far he wanted to go. In the end it was only a few houses in length but he still wanted to do it.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Both 'candy dates' did a pawsome job. Blogville will be lucky to have either of you! Well done.

  11. Those are some very good answers from both candy-dates!
    Elliot and Cricket x

  12. A very good debate. It's going to be a very tough decision on whom I'll be voting for!

  13. O.K. good enough for me. Since I am the official DJ of Blogville on the non serious HOWL radio station I will still have a job if you are elected. I want to hold on to my position. Fact Checker in place.
    Sweet William The Scot

  14. Dear Christmas (and Arty)
    Your debate was a lot more civilized than the OTHER one was.
    Love Noodles

  15. Both of you had great answers! I look forward to next week!
    BAiley & Hazel too

  16. fab answers... and please make a law that the water in the bathtub has to be eggs-tra dry :o)


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