September 20, 2016

Debate Tuesday

Christmas here! Yep, that's right, friends...Arty and I are starting Debate Tuesdays up again! This week I came up with the five questions, and I'm sure you're excited to hear what Arty and I have to say! Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

Oh, right, this is what we're waiting for! I'm linking to my fellow candy date so you can read the debate over at his blog and I'm linking to our running mates to see what they've been up to!

Now we can get started!

For those who are new to Blogville, what are your basic goals you wish to achieve if you become mayor?

Christmas: My overall goal for Blogville is to make sure it’s a personable place where everyone feels welcome and everyone fits in. That’s the way to make sure everybody has a happy life in Blogville. I also aim to make sure everyone feels involved and can get involved. As I do now, I’ll always be hosting parties, activities, and doing Q & A posts to make sure everyone has opportunities to be involved, have fun, and get themselves out there. There will always be a way to be an active Blogville citizen and meet new friends!

Arty: Like Christmas, I also hope to help Blogville stay a place where effuryone  feels at home.  I want it to a place where we can keep in touch with old furiends plus meet new furiends. If elected, I will also strive to expand the diversity of Blogville by including the Catosphere in more of our activities, along with our feathered, reptile, fish, crustacean and amphibian friends! 

What will your office or other working space look like if you’re elected into office, and how will you use it?

Christmas: If I become mayor, my working space will be a luxurious office with neutral colors on the walls and a dark, rich wood desk to do my blogging and my paperwork on. There will also be a comfy chair that my campaign manager/running mate Oreo and I will take turns sitting on while the other one of us does work. We’ll also take turns each day doing Starbucks runs. No, I don’t have any green papers of my own, but my momma does so I’ll just take them from her. Do not tell! Oh, and impawtant interviews, meetings, and maybe occasional pawties could take place in our office.

Arty: I am really fond of the existing Mayor's office, and, if elected (apart from putting a few pictures of my ocean on the wall) the only change would be putting a cute purple desk (for the cutest Vice Mayor ever) across from mine in the Mayor's Office!

What does your campaign slogan say about your run for mayor?

Christmas: My campaign slogan is “Wag More, Bark Less”. That means instead of barking out orders or being bossy, I’ll be an encouraging, personable leader to my friends. I’ll also encourage others to encourage others. You get the point.

Arty: Our slogan is "Keeping Blogville Fun". We hope to keep the fun in Blogville going by helping to organize or assist in the organization of pawties and events.

How did you choose a running mate, and how does he/she help your campaigns and other efforts?

Christmas: My running mate is Oreo. He was originally my campaign manager (and still is), helping me out with our “Around The World in 87 Days” world tour. He brings lots of humor, goofiness, and mischief to our tour, and his organizational skills and contact skills really come through with our tour. He makes a pawsome running mate and a pawsome friend, and he’s always willing to go on a Starbucks run. Oreo also lets me taste his Caramel Frappuccinos sometimes. He’s just an amazing friend with lots of talent and personality, so I have no regrets when it comes to choosing a running mate!

Arty: My running mate is Mabel from the Idaho Pug Ranch. She is also the special girl in my life. Don't worry, when we are working it is all business though. Mabel has her CGC and has been competing, qualifying for her Rally Novice Title and has won first and second place ribbons! If elected,  she will bring lots of intelligence, organization and beauty to Blogville City Hall!

Name five people and/or animals who have kept you going and inspired you throughout the election months.

Christmas: Okay, let me see...

1. My mom inspires me to keep blogging, gives me food and water which I need to live and keep blogging, she’s the one who takes me for my daily walks so I have time to exercise and relax, and she’s the one who puts up with me taking her money so I can go on more Starbucks runs.

2. Oreo has done so much to make tour days absolutely pawsome and he adds lots of joy, humor, and Starbucks to my life.

3. Arty keeps me going by not only being a tough competitor, but an encouraging friend. I’m pretty sure he also likes Starbucks, so that’s another reason to like him. Okay, I think I’m a little too addicted to Starbucks.

4. My readers always leave the sweetest of comments and are always BOLing with me and smiling with me. 

5. Lexi, the former candy date who earned her wings not too long ago, always did inspire me and I continue to be inspired by her. She was all for peace, and she brought peace. My entire candidacy and reign as mayor (if I become mayor of course) is in her honor.

Arty: What a great question!! Here we go...

1-Mama, because without her there would be no treats...and without treats...well, I don't even want to think about that!! 

2-Dory helped paved the way for this blog and well, everything about it! She also encouraged me to go into pawlitics! 

3-Murphy and Stanley, Frankie and Madi and all of Blogville have taught, by example, what Blogville is all about. Without your input and participation, Blogville would never have turned in to the place it is today!

4-Mabel...*sigh*.....because well, not only is she the cutest Idaho Pug in all the world, she is also a very smart (CGC, Rally Queen) and supportive running mate. She and her Mama have been so very supportive and helpful during the campaign!! 

5-Christmas and Angel Lexi...Blogville campaigns are all about "Keeping it Friendly" and Christmas and Lexi are/were the best running mates EVER!! If elected (and I am sure Christmas feels the same way),  Lexi's portrait will furrever hang in the Blogville City Hall.

Well, that's all for now! And yes, I definitely do think a portrait of Lexi will always hang in the Blogville city hall...she was a special girl. Anyway, next week Arty is coming up with the questions, and you won't want to miss our answers I'm sure!


  1. Bravo Christmas you and Arty are gentlemen and fun furiends!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. What GREAT Candy Dates we haf fur are both such pawsome gentlepups and so thoughtful to mention sweet Lexi, applawse to you both!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Great candidates! We can't wait
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hari OM
    OMD this is a close-run race; you are both worthy of recognition and whatever the result, it is easy to see that Blogville is the bigger for your presence!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. These were great questions Christmas and both of you had great answers!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee Es
    we are working on our interview answers but it may take a couple of days to get the answers just right!

  6. What great answers, Christmas! I knew you would be with me on hanging Lexi's picture in City Hall!!
    Arty (Dory, Jakey & Bilbo too)

  7. Christmas, you are a grrreat candy date. Everybuddy is so goog I can't decide!
    Your Furrend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  8. that was great to read... and I love what you wrote about Lexi... she was sure an inspiration and always when I think of Dorothy and Toto, I see Lexi...

  9. What a great post,loving all the questions and answers! Christmas has some great ideas here!!

  10. Thank you for this wonderful information and also thank you for commenting on Mom's new book. Her first two books are on her right sidebar. One is about a very special dog, and one is on human and pet adoption. Both were #1 best sellers and ALL of the sales go to animal rescue. If you know a special rescue that could use some funds contact Mom at cliodna58 at gmail dot com. She does donate to the big groups but her heart loves to help the little ones. Abby Lab

  11. Im voting for arty just kidding im voting for u

  12. hello christmas its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow i hav to studdy this debayt to help me prepayr for mine wen i fayse the other kandidats for prezzident of the yoonited stayts!!! i hav never debayted befor so i wil need al the help i kan git!!! ok bye


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