September 17, 2016

Around The World in 87 Days: Recap

Hello, pals! Chris here!

As you probably know, yesterday was our final addition to the Around The World in 87 Days world tour series. My campaign manager/running mate Oreo and I had a pawsome time getting to know lots of fun friends. Maybe that includes you! Today I'll recapping the best moments from each of my tour posts.


North Carolina

In North Carolina, we visited Madi. This was our first tour day, and it wasn't as lengthy as the rest of the tour days, but I still have plenty of great memories from that visit. My favorite memory from that day was riding my campaign bus with Oreo and Madi. I did a pawsome job of not chasing our kitty pal!

New York

Of course we had to visit this pawsome state! We got to know Chloe and Ladybug on that tour day, and my favorite memory with them would have to be enjoying the sights and smells of our friends' favorite park!


Our Canada tour post is the most unique out of all the posts because we visit two different duos of friends. First, here's our favorite memory with Hailey and Zaphod...hogging up Hailey's bed of course!

And our favorite memory with Momo and Pinot was when Momo showed Oreo her secret stash of yummy kibbles!


France was our next tour destination, and we had an amazing time with Easy! I ended up speaking French the entire time I was with Easy, except I got confused with the Spanish language when we hung out on the Eiffel Tower...whoops!


I admit, visiting Bertie in Scotland with Addi, Oreo's sister, tagging along, was the best tour day ever! The two lovebirds (Bertie and Addi) had an amazing day together. Bertie surprised Addi by taking her to this cottage, and of course Oreo and I had to tease them for it!

Scotland (Again!)

A few times, we visited the same place in two different weeks but hung out with different friends. The posts would be too long if we did it all in one week, so with Scotland it was the first time where we split up the posts. We visit Aunty Yam for our second Scotland week, and she took lots of photos of Oreo and I in different places. Here's my favorite memory from Scotland...tree climbing!


Visiting England and hanging out with Princess Leah was a whole lot of fun! My favorite memory would have to be riding the double decker bus with my two pals.


We spent some quality time with former mayor candy date Lexi while we were in Tennessee. She earned her angel wings about two weeks ago, and we miss her very much. I'm glad we got to do fun things with her...Oreo and I also gave her a ride in my Lamborweenie!


Blogville's Founding Furter, Frankie, and his attorney brother, Ernie, had lots of fun when we visit them in Pennsylvania. The best memory we had with them was swimming in tighty whities!

Pennsylvania (Again!)

For our second Pennsylvania visit, we spent some time with Sarge (and met his crabby sisters, Beachnut and Shelldon!). Let's see...the best memory we had there was watching a beautiful lake form the top of a lighthouse. It was pawsome!


Our Scottie pal Sully showed great hospitality while we spent time with him in Texas. It was a great tour day...I campaigned to a cow and we went horseback riding, but my favorite memory was sniffing out a sign that said 87. Ah, good times.


We're not in Kansas anymore. However, we were there a couple months ago to visit Lady Shasta! Our favorite memory with her was visiting the M&M's facility!

Texas (Again!)

Yep, that's right! We headed back to Texas to visit Casey and Jessie, our favorite Boxer friends. My fondest memory with them was riding horse statues through the water!


No world tour would be complete without visiting Blogville's own mayorz, Murphy and Stanley! We went digging for dinosaur bones during our visit, and we had a pawsome time!


We had fun visiting the Pug Ranch pups, Bailey, Hazel, and Mabel while we were in Idaho. Who else would we visit? Anyway, we did a whole lot of fun activities with them, but my favorite memory is this one...Hazel and Oreo have been in love for a long time, so I surprised them with a romantic dinner together!


We traveled to California to hang out with our pal Ruby. We had a great time with her, and she managed to stay sane the entire time. Miracles can happen, people. BOL! Anyway, our favorite memory with her would have to be taking this fun selfie outside the San Jose museum!

California (Again!)

We returned to sunny California and had a blast with Dory and Arty! It seemed like it was just yesterday we were going on adventures with them. Wait, it was yesterday. Anyway, here's our favorite memory with them...taking a hike through the woods together!

Well, that's what I call a success! I owe my gratitude to Oreo for the grrreat idea to do a world tour in the first place. He also gets in touch with the friends we visit beforehand to help plan out our adventures. I also want to say thanks to each of our pals who we got to visit for having fun with us. If you haven't checked your inbox already, we've sent out thankful emails to all of you! If you didn't get an email, you might one of the doggies or kitties I don't know the email address to, so I'm sorry about that. I couldn't find some of you guys' email addys!

Election day is coming near, so we decided it would be a good decision to end the tour so I can focus on some other unique things to get ready for the election and get my readers involved. Don't worry, after the election I might independently start the tour back up and visit those who still want to be visited!

I hope this tour has helped to show you who I am and helped you learn about me. I hope you'll take the time to get to know me and hopefully vote for me to become mayor! I appreciate all of the support I've gotten so far, and of course I'm always looking to gain more supporters and make new friends. I want Blogville to be a place where everyone feels welcomed and fits in, and always has an opportunity to have fun and get involved.

Thanks so much!

Oh, wait, before you go, feel free to grab my candy date badge and add it to your sidebar if you agree with my slogan "Wag More, Bark Less" and endorse me for mayor!


  1. Hari OM
    My word it was a tree-mend-us tour fur sure!!! It was an honour to host you on the Bonny Land's west coast... (just so you know, you can reach me via my contacts box)...Bravo Chris and Oreo, you make a grrreat team. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. OH MY Stars you have a fun fun time in CA with Arty, Dory, Bilbo and Jakey.
    Chris I bet you need 87 photo albums to hold all your photo memories
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS it was fun have a Dachshund here 'cause I had heard so much about Toto the mighty mini who lived here from the peeps!

  3. WOW! That was a wild tour! We are so glad you got to come to Utah and visit with us even if it was a whirlwind trip. You are always welcome at our Doodle Clubhouse any time you are in town! Good luck on the rest of the campaign!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. You sure had some grreat adventures, Chris!! We loved riding those fountain horses too. It was a fun way to cool off in the Texas heat.

  5. This was a great tour, Chris. Thanks for including us here in Tennessee. Amy

  6. Oh dude, this was one PAWSOME TOUR fursure!!! Thanks so very much for honoring MOI with your visit!!!! It was tons of funs, and I will never forgets you peein' on the fancy-schmancy bushes at the Winchester Mystery House!!
    Ruby ♥

  7. You've had a wonderful world tour! Are you going to continue touring after the election?

  8. Wowee! what a great tour! We were so tickled to have you visit Idaho and Hazel loved being able to have some special time with Oreo!
    Mr Bailey Hazel & Mabel

  9. What a great World Tour!! We are so very happy you got to come out and visit us in Northy North California!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. I enjoyed your tour so much... so much adventures and so much miles within 87 days... that's only pawsible in Blogville, right?


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