August 15, 2016

Answers To Your Questions!

Christmas here!

Yesterday I gave you all the opportunity to ask my mom and I some questions, anything that came to mind. Literally anything!

I got some grrreat questions, and here are my responses!

Q. Our question - Christmas what are your favourite treats? From Hailey & Zaphod

A. That is a fabulous question, you two! I'm a Dachshund...I'll eat anything as long as it's edible! If my momma has given me too many treats already she'll wait till my next meal time to train me again so she can just use my kibble! So, my favorite treat...hmm...I only get them on rare occasions (or else I'd weigh 87 pounds!) but I love eating bits of hot dogs. I know, cliche, but it's true. The day after my momma got me, she started my housebreaking process and rewarded me with tiny hot dog pieces when I did my business outside. I've been hooked ever since!

Q. Robin - what is your favourite subject to study?
Chris - what is your favourite sleeping position? (I thought your style for the pawlympics showed amazing talent...) From YAM-Aunty

A. Robin here! My favorite subject in school would have to be English. I love to read and write! Now Christmas is at the keyboard. I can't choose which sleeping position is my favorite...either my position where I lay on my back upright on something so I'm sitting like a human, or the one where I lay on my back with my paws bent like I'm asking for a belly rub. I sleep in interesting ways! On the car ride home from my first dog show which was the day my mom brought me home, I slept the whole way to my furever home with my front paws on my momma's shoulders. Heehee!

Q. Do you ever have any clothes made for you? From Foley Monster, Pocket, & River Song

A. I don't have any that are actually made for me, but my mom did get me a hot dog costume to wear for Halloween! She got me in October, so whenever she would walk me those next few months she'd put my costume on me if it was cold outside. It is very comfortable and it feels like a jacket. Well, the first time she tried it on me I bit it off and ran around the house playing with it. BOL! Also she was trying to get me to meet new people because I used to be a tiny bit scared of them and wearing a funny costume like that made people more likely to say hello to me!

Q. Question: Do you sleep in a dog bed or do you sleep with your peep? From Astro

A. Grrreat question, Astro! I sleep on the dog bed in my crate every night. I'm not completely housebroken so I have to sleep in there, but my mom thinks I would be ready to sleep with her at night as long as she shut her bedroom door. During the night, I would never get up or anything! However, she shares a room with her 5 year old sister and she sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk bed, so I obviously wouldn't be able to sleep with her. Don't worry, I still get plenty of snuggle time with her during the day!

Q. Hmmm . . . tough to think of a question . . . OK, how about this: How has Blogville changed your life? From Murphy & Stanley

A. I'm assuming this question is for me...Robin here! Blogville has changed my life in so many ways. Before my blog was even discovered, I would post every day but with no readers, my posts weren't as great as I wanted them to be. Now I have dozens of readers who encourage me and keep in contact with me and who I've made great friendships with. I've connected with lots of people during this journey, found some really great blogs, and made many amazing friends. I have no regrets. (If you were actually directing this towards Christmas, you two, I could have him answer this question in an upcoming post!)

Q. What are you and your moms favorite tv shows and movies?? From MilitaryPugLife

A. I, Christmas, like to watch any shows with any pretty lady dogs in it. *blushes* But of course nobody can replace my girlfriend Noodles! My mom, Robin, enjoys watching Cesar Millan (even though she doesn't agree with some of his methods or use any of them), Dogs 101, Too Cute, and documentaries about animals. Her favorite movie is probably Hachi.

Q. I saw your mom met a lot of different animals ... even snakes... yiiiiikes! What do you think generally about the topic that some humans want to have uncommon exotic animals as pets... including lions, bears or gators... From Easy

A. Robin here! I like the idea of some exotic pets. Some pets are labeled as exotic because of their complex needs (for example, I have hermit crabs and those are exotic due to their need for perfect conditions to survive and because of where they came from) and animals like lions, bears, and gators, some are exotic because, well, you just won't find them in a pet store. I've seen stories of people with pets like sugar gliders, foxes, squirrels, crows, and fennec foxes. Oh, and even coyotes! If you can give the right care and the right training and the right housing, I feel like these can be great pets. I might get something like a sugar glider one day, but I would never own a lion, bear, or certainly not a gator! They are very cool animals though.

Well, I hope you all had fun learning about me and my momma Robin. We love all of our beloved readers, and we're glad you got to learn a lot about us today. Remember, even if I'm not doing a Q & A post, I'll still gladly answer your questions! Use the email address in our blog's contact tab to reach us. We respond very quickly!

Have a pawsome day!


  1. Hari OM
    What a great bunch of questions - and answers!!! paws on shoulders is definitely a wonderfur pawsition!!! English was my fave subject too!!! (Art and History very close seconds...) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Now we know more secrets about you
    Lily & Edward

  3. Great questions and very thoughtful answers!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. What excellent questions and answers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  5. Thanks for answering our questions! I loved your answers!!!

  6. We always love learning more about you and your Mama, Christmas!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Barbarella: Hot dogs are a favorite over here too!

  8. Thank you for answering all the question including ours. If you ever want to wear some home made clothes we have some from our friend Hattie Mae. We are not sure what you weigh. The biggest is for River who is ten pounds

  9. thanks for the answer(s)... Robin you waked something, the mama said woooow! a sugar glider... she would like to have one too hahahaha... but it will probably stay as a dream like the alpaca or the cow :o)

  10. Woofy good to know you better!
    From Vancouver,
    Louis Dog Armstrong


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