June 11, 2016

Talking Pawlitics

Chris speaking!

Because I couldn't attend the BAR this weekend, my mom and I sent in a picture of us to display there.

Yesterday flat me had a great pawlytical chat with Arty!


  1. Hi christmas, sorry but there was no mail from you :o( but no worries, I used my magic wand and Christmas is included to the pawty people now :o)

  2. Jess: Sounds like the flat you is having fun!

    Mini: Sounds kinda boring to me. Unless it was about upping the amount of treats each doggy should get a day!

  3. We're hoping our flat selves are there, too. Though we hope we're at the snack table.

  4. We wanted to go to the BAR too, but we sent our Flat Selves to have some fun. Bet you and Arty had a lot to discuss.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. That's a great picture. Mom was at her Dad's in Washington for his 96th birthday so she missed out on all the BAR fun. But our Paw-rents are the most important thing, as you well know.

    Hugs and Wags
    Abby Lab

  6. I had such a great time chatting with you Christmas!!

    PeeEss...Mama says look for a picture of you and Sheldon and the Hands on Facebook too!


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