June 5, 2016

Q & A With Chris

Bow wow, welcome back to Paw Province, everyone!

Yesterday I gave you peeps the opportunity to ask some questions about me, and here are my answers to the questions you guys asked me!

Q. We would like to know who the craziest 2 legger is and what she/he did that was crazy
Hugs madi your bfff

A. Hot diggity, great question, Madi! The craziest of my peeps must be the five year old one. She is always hugging me and kissing me and she makes me dance with my paws. She also likes running around just 'cause she thinks it's funny when I chase her and play growl at her.

Q. OK, here is our question . . . When you furst came to Blogville did you think we were all a bit nutty? BOL!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

A. Murphy and Stanley, pawsome question! I wouldn't exactly say "nutty" is the word...I thought all of the 87's and talk of foodables and intentionally bad spelling was rather appealing. Yes, all the peeps are nutty about their pets (which is good for us pups and kitties because then the peeps spoil us) but that's what makes Blogville special!

Q. ??? What Brought you to Blogville? Was it the Excitement? The FUN? The suggestions on how to train a PEEP? OR... did you just want to move to a nice quiet calm place? From Frankie and Ernie

A. What brought me to Blogville is interesting. My mom would usually write most of the blog posts and nobody ever read the blog, but then after my mom interviewed Murphy and Stanley, the pawsome mayors, they shared it on their blog, and the rest is history. But what I really enjoy about Blogville is the love people and their pets share with each other and how we're so supportive and fun and crazy with each other. Murmur and Stan gave my mom and I an example of how great Blogville is by their hospitality, and once you're sucked in, you don't want to get out of the awesomeness that is Blogville!

Q. Since we are traveling, our question for your Q&A is, Have you ever stayed in a hotel??

Dory and Arty

A. I've stayed in a hotel twice before! In November, I stayed in a hotel in Alabama with my mom because we were off to a dog show the next day. Though I'm doing very well with the housebreaking, sometimes I like to lift my leg on vertical things, and a new place makes me want to pee everywhere! So on goes my belly band, and we enjoy playing fetch and usually watching TV in the hotel room. Food Network is my favorite channel, even though my mom prefers Animal Planet. Dachshunds love to eat! I've also stayed in a hotel in January for a dog show. We were in Clemson, South Carolina. This time there was nothing good on Animal Planet, so I got to watch Food Network! I'm a Dachshund dude that loves to travel! I spend most of my car rides snoozing anyway.

Thanks for all the great questions, guys!! Even though I don't plan on doing another Q & A post for a little while, I'll still answer any questions you have for me or my mom at submissions@pawprovince.com our blog email. Bow wow, thanks so much!


  1. Chris(tmas) G R E A T answers. MOL MOL lifting your leg on vertical things you are such a Dachshund!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. Great answers. Sorry we haven't been around lately and didn't leave a question yesterday. It is a busy time for us!

  3. You give the bestest Answers. It was like an Essay wasn't it? We will give you an A+ fur this.

  4. You get to stay in hotels? We're not even allowed in other people's houses much....

    Great answers.

  5. Great Q & A to get to know you!
    Momo & Pinot xo

  6. Such pawsome answers!! Isn't traveling FUN!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. I'm glad to sign all howltel rooms is common... I do that too and I even signed the sofa of my granny... I couldn't find the guest book :o)

  8. Uh-oh, now you've got Momma worrying about me lifting my leg when we go to our furst ever hotel this week! Thanks a lot for alerting him!


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