June 19, 2016

My Mom With a Panda

Christmas speaking!

My mom held a baby Panda once at Petsmart!

Okay, it wasn't really a Panda, just a kitten named Panda, but it's still just as cute as one of those black and white bears.

Panda was mewing happily and purring the whole time.

He looks an awful lot like my kitty bro Phineas!


  1. I was going to be your first commenter today, but it looks like Hailey and Zaphod beat me to it! That's okay though.

    I bet that kitty just loved being held by your sweet Mom. Tell your Grandpa (Robin's dad) happy father's day for us!

  2. Awwwwwe!!! What a cutie!!!! Ma has to admit she was hoping that you were with a REAL life Panda...they are her most FAVorites! Butts your Panda is just as adorables! Oh, and Ma had an Old English Sheepdog named Panda! She had all the same markings as a real Panda!
    Ruby ♥

  3. hello paw province its dennis the vizsla dog hay its blak and wite!!! luks like a panda to me!!! ok bye

  4. this panda is supercute... and I bet it need no eggs-tra bamboo leaves it likes fancy feast much more :o)


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