May 1, 2016

My Mommy & Animals

Hello, my peeps! It's Christmas here, and I'm sure you now by know that my mommy doesn't just like animals. She loves animals. I'm pretty sure she thinks she is a dog. It's creepy.

Well, you see lots of photos she's taken of animals on a regular basis, but here are some photos of her with animals that you might not have seen.

She really loves her critter comrades!

First off, this is me with my mommy when we first met in September. We were both very happy, and it was love at first sight, even if I don't look too excited in the photo below. Us Dachshunds always have a very serious expression!

Here's my mommy with Farley, a Bloodhound. He is the only Bloodhound she's ever met, and she met this big dude at her first dog show. This is her favorite breed, and she wants to have a Bloodhound kennel when she's older, and she says I'll be her right hand dog! I was too scared to meet Farley though...let me tell you, this dude was humongous!

This is my mommy with my friend Molly at a dog show. This was actually her first dog show she's ever been to. She just met me for the first time ever a few days before this, and she went to this show just to see what a show was like. Molly is actually from my breeder, and we're good friends!

Eek! It's a good thing I wasn't at Petsmart with my mommy when she held this creepy slithering thing...she's says it's a fancy ball python, but I say it's the weirdest thing ever. She says she was super dupeexcited to meet this snake, but I for one hate these ugly things! The only good thing about this photo are the smiling Golden Retrievers photobombing her in the photo. Can you spot them?

Here she is with Bandit, the neighbor's kitty cat, who I like to try and chase sometimes!

I know it looks like my mom is holding one of her dog washing clients (and one of my closest doggy friends) uncomfortably, but this is the only way Sunshine likes to be held!

My mommy and I love to snuggle up at night and watch Cesar Millan! I just chuckle at all those out of control dogs...I'm too sophisticated for such behavior.

My mommy can be a really weird, crazy person sometimes...okay, all the time...especially around turtles. Definitely around turtles.

My mommy likes to help out at adoption events for the Releashed Rescue, her favorite local dog rescue which has lots of Huskies...this one is Lyric! She was adopted recently, my mom told me.

Here are my mommy and I doing what we do best!

Now, here's my mommy with a cat named Cari. She was up for adoption at our local Petsmart with the All About Cats Rescue, and she found a loving home a month or two ago! The cat, not my mom.

Now here's my mommy on Halloween looking like a total crazy person. Okay, I was wearing the same costume! Those are her siblings (three out of four of them at least), but they didn't have a totally awesome weenie dog to complete the outfit. I had lots of fun trick or treating and getting lots of attention! Some people even gave me some yummy dog biscuits!

Here she is being mauled by baby goats...I'm surprised she made it out alive!

P.S. If you'd like me (Christmas) to visit you on our world tour, please shoot me an email or comment!


  1. What a array of beautiful fun photos.

  2. Lady says people who love animals so much are good souls and will help save the planet:)

  3. Hello new major Christmas and family! Thank you for coming by our bloggy. It would be so cool if you guys can 'visit' us in Toronto, Canada. Please feel free to use photos from our bloggy to make this happen. Looking forward to your next world tour!

    Your friends,
    Momo & Pinot

  4. OH MY STARS and STRIPES your mom is an equal opportunity anipal lover. Good for her and we agree except for the snakes. Guess what we found out recently the peeps across the street from us have a Bloodhound pup...he looks to be just under a year or so. We'll have to find out more about him/her.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Our Mom grew up having all kinds of interesting pals, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rats, mice, birds, parrots, lizards, goannas, snakes and later she worked for W.I.R.E.S (wild life rescue service) and raised many baby kangaroos, wallabies and wombats.

  6. OMD OMD OMDachshunds.... YOU and Your Mommy... BOTH dressed up like TUBE STEAKS fur Halloween?
    THAT is soooooo funny... We love it. Butt it is FUNNY.

  7. Hari OM
    Now that's what I like to see, Love being spread equally amongst all!!! (With you at the top of the heap of course Christmas &*>) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. My mom has always loved Bloodhounds too even though she's never met one in the furs before.

  9. OMD, Ma is soooo jealous! She loves ALL those anipals! Even the snake! yeah, I don't gets the snake either Christmas.... You and your Moms look pawsome togethers! Oh, and your family looked amazin' in the Halloweenie pic!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Thanks for the support! Halloween (clears throat...I meant Halloweenie) was a fun day.

  10. you have the bestest mom Christmas! and to touch a snake is very brave... my momma never would do that :o)


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