May 30, 2016

40 Facts About Christmas

Hi, everyone! Chris here!

A lot of you who've been around the blog for a while probably know basic things about me, but there are still lots of little facts about me and my background that will be fun for you to learn. Today I'll be providing you with some basic and random facts about me!


1. I was born on December 25th, 2013.

2. I met my mom in September of 2015, and I went home with her in October.

3. I was bred by Brownwood Farm.

4. Unlike most other Dachshunds, I'm not snappy, overprotective, or stubborn. In fact, my mom calls me a "Doxador" because I'm very outgoing, obedience, social, and fetch savvy, like a Labrador Retriever.

5. I train for dog shows 30 minutes every day, I do obedience training 30 minutes a day, and I have at least two 30 minutes walks a day. My mom likes to keep me busy with fun bonding activities to keep me at my best!

6. I am not picky. I will eat anything as long as it is edible.

7. Squeaky toys are my favorite toys!

8. The commands I know are sit, stay, come, leave it, wait, spin around, look at me, and ready. I also know that "where's my squeaker?" means I have to go bring my favorite squeaky toy to my mommy. I mostly was taught that because sometimes when my mom throws the ball or whatever I'm fetching, I'll run after it but come back empty mouthed! I'm a smart little dude!

9. My favorite people are kids.

10. I have a fear of Labrador Retrievers, even though I act like one sometimes.

11. My dad's name is Garrett and my mom is named Lola.

12. My dad Garrett has starred in a Christmas movie before!

13. I barely ever bark. My mom has only heard me bark nine times, and all of those times I was either surprised because I didn't know someone was near me, terrified of one of the young humans wearing a Batman mask, or treeing a squirrel.

14. The colors that look best on me when it comes to collars and harnesses are red and green, which is a huge coincidence, because my name is Christmas!

15. If you leave a dog food bag on the floor I will lift my leg on it. (Sorry, not sorry!)

16. I am the snuggliest dog ever.

17. I am average when it comes to my energy level. One minute I'll be sleeping, the next I'll be playing, and sometimes I do get a case of the zoomies, running around tables and doing lots of play bows!

18. My best friend is a 1 year old Lab/Great Dane mix named Ripley. Even though he's got a lot of Lab in him, he doesn't frighten me!

19. I have a girlfriend, the neighbor's English Springer Spaniel named Molly.

20. I love to jog and run with my mom during our walks.

21. I adore people, but I get a little timid sometimes if people run up to me or be really loud around me.

22. On Halloween, I dressed as a hot dog! The costume really just felt like a coat on me so I certainly didn't mind wearing it. My mom was dressed as a hot dog, too!

23. I can climb out of exercise pens and I know how to escape if I want to.

24. I get lots of attention! When my mom and I go for walks, lots of people stop to pet me. I can't complain about that!

25. My mom brushes my teeth a lot but I still have really bad breath for some reason. I have healthy teeth and all, some dogs just have bad breath. That doesn't stop me from kissing my mom though, and she's too smitten with me to care!

26. I have a sensitive stomach. Though I'll chow down on any food, lots of wet dog foods make me throw up!

27. I am a quick eater, and to avoid getting bloat and to exercise my mind a little, I have an Outward Hound puzzle bowl!

28. Though I love my crate, sometimes I have a bit of separation anxiety!

29. I've got a nose that knows. I'm a hound dog, even though I'm a small dude.

30. I get bathed every three or four weeks. Being low to the ground, I'm always in bushes and all sorts of things on our walks! I like to bring unpleasant smells back from my walks.

31. I don't love water, but I don't hate it. My mom plans to teach me how to swim at the lake this summer if I'm willing to!

32. I'm not a big chewer unless it comes to bones or doggy toys, but once I did chew through my leash. That was before I was taught proper chewing manners though!

33. I weigh about 15 pounds, even though I'm a miniature Dachshund. I'm not overweight, I'm just a big boy!

34. My tail is constantly wagging.

35. I've got mad head tilting skills.

36. Once I ate one of the cats' mousy toys. I literally swallowed it whole. Thinking it was impossible for me to swallow something whole like a tiny stuffed mouse, my family didn't do anything about it. Exactly a week later, I threw it up on the floor. Case closed!

37. I love car rides! Even though I sleep the whole time.

38. I'm running for mayor of Blogville!

39. Though I prefer meaty foods, I love to eat carrots every now and then.

40. I'm the best dog you could ask for! Okay, that's a bit biased, but I am pretty cool.

I hope you've enjoyed this! What have you learned about me today that you find interesting?


  1. Hari OM
    The head-tilting mega-skill; head-tilts win friends and influence peeps - mostly where treats are in contention! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We feel like we know you LOTS better, Christmas! Why do you pee on your dog food bags?

  3. That was great, Christmas - so much to know about you!!!

    Happy Memorial Day.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Lots of information to take in there, Christmas! Sounds like you're the perfect dog for your forever family. We love the term Doxidore....BOL!

  5. Crikey .... I learnt why you are called Christmas. I always wondered about your name. Now I know. Good thing green and red suits you, aye?

  6. We just love getting to know our friends better!! What great Christmas facts!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. number 6 is just like my golden retriever, haha

  8. Guess what? our neighbor was born the same day like you... and therefore his name is Noel , what means christmas. Butt he is no dachshund he is a human :o)I agree for the dog food bags on the floor... I always write my name on it too :O)

  9. Thanks for sharing, Christmas! You sound so fun. Not stubborn? Wow wee!


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