May 7, 2016

12 Reasons Why You Should Vote For Me

Look, as a candidate, I'm not going to be super strict about anything. If I become mayor, a strict Blogville isn't something dat's enjoyable. Frankie Furter started Blogville and created it to be fun and relaxed...da next mayors, Madi and then Murphy and Stanley, have worked to keep it dat way. You don't have to vote for me if you don't want to, but if you want to give a fiery young guy like me a chance, it isn't it important what I have ta offer?

With da help of my assistant (aka mommy) I've listed some impawtent reasons why I think you should vote for me!

1. I am a social pup. I'm social in real life...I love making new furends, whether they're human peeps or doggy peeps. I am also social here on da web. I love making new pals in Blogville, and I want efurry one to feel welcome when they come ta Blogville.

2. I am a fierce hunting doggy. Dat means I'll hunt bad guys down and keep dem out of Blogville...someone's gotta do da job, so why not a little dog with badger huntin' in his blood?

3. I love food. I can share all my favorite doggy treat recipes with da peeps of Blogville. I encourage dat efurry doggy and kitty in Blogville gets many treats and foodables on a daily basis.

4. I understand pola ticks. Da peeps might say pola ticks are something about Presidents and all dat stuff, but really I think they're a rare species of tick dat nobody likes. 'Cause da peeps dat comment on da blogs of us candidates say they're glad us Blogville pups aren't obsessed with da pola ticks.

5. I advocate fur pet rescues. It's super duper shmooper sad dat some doggies and kitties don't have furevur families. I think we should make a difference for these animals. I am not a rescue doggy, and if my momma wasn't looking for a show doggy, she would have got a Dachshund at a rescue, but I'm glad we ended up together!

6. I am a show dog. I'm sure you peeps already know this about me, but I'm putting it out there anyway! I love going to shows to meet doggies and their peeps. Efurry one there obviously loves dogs, so dat means there are lots of pats on da head dat await me at da shows.

7. I am a future obedience dog. After I brush up a bit on all of my fave commands (I am a very well behaved, eager to please pup, unlike most Dachshunds), my momma will take me to get my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) title and maybe take me to some obedience competitions! If I get my CGC, those three letters will be added to da end of my registered know, on my AKC papers. My name is "Brownwood Time To Shine"!

8. Vaculas...they must die. Vaculas are bad enough, but what I don't understand is why da human peeps randomly push dem around on da floor when da Vaculas are growling and using their strong lungs to devour all of my shedding fur on da floor. Humans are weird, but no peep is perfect.

9. Tree rats...they must stay in their trees. If you want those pesky creatures da humans call "squirrels" to stay in those trees of theirs, vote for me, peeps! They can come out if us doggies aren't out, but it's annoying to feel da need to chase dem up trees when they come down.

10. I am a young doggy. I am a fiery young dude who you should give a chance. I might not be a pawty time master like Arty or a wise old soul like Lexi, but I'm a curious young dude who is still a puppy at heart. Also, my mommy is young, and I think she can add some fire to Blogville, don't ya think? Helping me write special posts if I become mayor can help hone her writing skills, too.

11. I believe efurry living being deserves a chance. When I say dat I mean I'll accept any peep into Blogville. I do not care if you're a doggy, kitty cat, hermie crab, birdy, or even one of those slithering wormy things called snakes or whatefur. Okay, if you're a kitty cat, I might have to chase you for a bit 'cause it's fun, but I really can't help it! Efurry little critter has feelings and emotions and an ability to give lots of love. Blogville's arms  paws are open to efurry one!

12. I believe in love. I don't just mean da kind of love when I walk down da street and see my Springer Spaniel girlfriend and wink at her romantically, a love song playing in da background. And yes, I really do dat. I mean da kind of love where we all support each other and tell other peeps they are doing a pawsome job and Blogville is proud to be their home.

Oh, and here's another badge of mine you can grab if ya want to!


  1. Hari Om
    There ya go, you know a thing or two about pola-ticks after all!!! PUtting furward a goodly paw Christmas (Brownwood Time to Shine)!!! Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but one thing's fur sure, you stand a great chance of being in the next mayoral 'cabinet'!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Whether I get elected or Arty or Lexi does, I'll still be glad everyone gave me a chance! I know whoever our mayor is will serve Blogville well.

  2. You list some solid reasons there! Did you know me and Stanley have our CGC? That is a nice new badge too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Thanks for da support! Yes, I saw that you have da CGC on your blog! Paws up for you!

      Your pal,

  3. those are some excellent reasons indeed

    1. Thanks for da support, Reilly and Denny!

      Your Dachshund friend,

  4. Ahhh, great reasons, Christmas, and #12 is the best.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. I have those CGC letters too, though I don't have a fancy name like you do! It was HARD to get!

    1. My mommy and I have worked for months! She hasn't had any trouble teaching me da stuff for it, but it needs to be a consistent thing, she says. It will be worth it, as she says she'll take me to petsmart afterwards to get me a special treat or a squeaky toy! (Like I need more of those!)

  6. that are a lot of super reasons.... to love food is VERY important... I'm hungry now... :O)


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