April 4, 2016

I Believe In Animal Rescue, Yet I Support Reputable Breeding

A very controversial topic nowadays throughout the pet community is where to get your brand new dog. There are shelters and rescues to choose from, and there are breeders, too. Many people these days shut out breeders because they believe shelters and rescues are the best places to get dogs from because you're saving that animal's life, and yes, that is true.

First of all, I think adopting a shelter dog is a great way to acquire a dog. If it weren't for you, that dog would probably be put to sleep, and he would never get to live a wonderful, happy life with you. Pet rescues are great, too, because they save those dogs and find them loving homes, no matter how long it takes, while shelters will put down dogs that are there too long.

Now let's discuss what breeders really are. Breeders produce purebred puppies for people to adopt. Some people call getting a dog from a breeding "purchasing" the dog, but I think "adopting" is a more suiting word. Just because that perfect purebred pup didn't come from a shelter or rescue doesn't mean you're not welcoming the dog into your heart and home.

When I say I support breeders, I mean that I only support good breeders. Breeders who don't breed whenever they can, but use selective breeding are good breeders. They choose dogs clear of health issues (which a breeder's dog should not have) and compare well to the breed's standard. Most reputable breeders produce dogs fit for the show ring, so this is definitely important.

It's never a good idea to adopt a dog spontaneously, even if you already have dogs. This definitely is important to know when you're adopting from a breeder. Of course it's important to make sure that breeder has healthy dogs in a healthy environment and all that, but I'm not here to discuss those issues today.

So really, I think getting a dog from a shelter or rescue is great because...

You're saving that dog's life.

Rescue dogs are often mixed breeds, meaning healthier dogs.

There is a certain feeling of pride if you have a dog from a shelter or rescue, and your dog can be a great example of how awesome rescue dogs are.

There are millions of dogs in shelters around the globe in need of homes.

Saving one dog won't change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

And why are breeders, only good, reputable breeders of course, important to our community?

Less allergenic dogs from breeders are less likely to effect a person's allergies than a mixed breed, though this isn't always the case.

Dogs from breeders are great for people who want a purebred dog or puppy and know that the dog isn't from a bad situation.

Pedigreed dogs are the only dogs allowed to enter the show ring, so families who want to show their new dog have to go the breeder route.

Guys, I'm not shutting out shelters and rescues here. Don't ever think that for a second. I hugely recommend that people get dogs from shelters and rescues if they're looking for a dog, but as long as a breeder is reputable, than there isn't anything wrong with getting a dog from a breeder, despite what fellow pet parents might say. My Dachshund, Christmas, is from a reputable breeder, and I show him, so when I was looking for a show dog, going the breeder route was necessary.

Oh, and I just want to throw this in there, though I'm sure you guys already know this. Never ever ever ever ever get a dog from a pet store! I don't mean you shouldn't get a dog from Petsmart that is there just for an adoption event. I mean those squeaking little puppies in the pet store window. Petland is definitely a big no. Those dogs mostly come from puppy mills, no matter what store employees say.

That was a lot I had to say, but I felt like it had to be said. I hate how people these days hate on breeders. Purebred dogs from breeders are great companions, and so are rescue and shelter dogs. So really, if you rescue or "purchase" as they say, your dog will be a great member of the family!


  1. There are lots of pros and cons on wherever you get your new furfriend from but the bestest thingy is always fur the furfriend to haf a loving caring furever and ever home to go to
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Miss Robin,
    You did an A+ 100% job with this TOUCHY and IMPORTANT Issue. You stated your case BEAUTIFULLY.
    In Ohio PETLAND stores have DISAPPEARED and we are Thrilled to say THAT. BUTT... ... the Amish Communities there have taken their place... they sell at AUCTIONS... and OH the Poor Puppies... they are often under weight...so we KNOW the Mothers are Also... and some have very OBVIOUS physical problems...
    Again, let us say... you did a grand job with this post. BRAVO

  3. Robin you are for sure the smartest and well spoken young lady we know.
    You have a very good way with words and expression!! Bravo for a well written, fair and informative post
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. You did wonderful research here, and we love the way you presented both parts of the argument AND made sure people understand NOT to buy from sources that get their pups from puppy mills! Great job!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. Good information. SHE loves scotties. Macdui is number 10. Luckily, they are rare and expensive here, so there aren't very many who need rehoming. Roxy is our rescue dog....totally different and totally lovable. So we've got both. And we recommend either way, just find the perfect fit for your family. (CLOSE DOWN PUPPY MILLS and backyard breeders.)

    1. I agree with everything you said, my friends. You are right that puppy mills and backyard breeders need to end, too!

  6. A very good post! Sometimes people think it is wrong for us to be "designer" doggies.

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. You are right, that isn't wrong at all! Goldendoodles are a mix of two wonderful breeds. Golden Retrievers and goofy and social, while Poodles are friendly and intelligent. When you mix them both together, you'll have amazing dogs like you, worthy of being Blogville mayors!

  7. Well said Robin. Crikey for one so young you sure got things sussed out, aye?? Great post!!!!

  8. Totally agree with you on this. While we will rescue, we understand the use of reputable breeders.

    1. Cool! We have two rescues and a pedigreed dog, which I'm sure you know!

  9. It can be a touchy issue and you did well on pointing out both side - well done

  10. well said... there is nothing wrong to ask a breeder for a puppy... but we have to make sure that we pick the right one...

    1. Of course! Oh, and Easy, they made a great decision choosing you!


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