April 5, 2016

Help Us Help Digit...Please Read

Hi, everyone! It's Christmas the Dachshund at the keyboard! This post isn't about me, but my mommy Robin said I could help her out and write this post anyway. You probably know that my mommy often writes for the All About Cats Rescue, which is in our local Petsmart, one of my favorite places in the world, by the way. They have like 87 treats and toys there! Whoa, whoa, whoa, let me get back on topic.

Well, there is a new kitty at All About Cats, and her name is Digit. She has that name because she is a polydactyl cat, so she has extra toes. My mommy told me all of this, I haven't actually met Digit in the furs or anything. If polydactyls are like pterodactyls, than I don't want to get anywhere near her. I heard pterodactyls have sharp teeth!

But my mommy says Digit sounds very sweet. She was found starving and longing for attention by an ice skating rink. Some peeps who already adopted a cat from All About Cats (it was Ace, one of my mommy's favorite AAC kitties) brought Digit to the rescue.

Poor Digit needs ear surgery, and it will take like 87 dollars to make that happen...wait, my mommy just said it will take a lot more than 87. Because I'm just a little sausage dog, I don't get all of those technical terms, so instead you can just click here to learn about Digit's need and hopefully donate her so they won't have to put her down. They need donations asap for this kitty cat!

The All About Cats Rescue are the peeps behind the money raising for Digit, but my mommy and I decided to do something for Paw Province. What you can do is send in a photo of you, your doggy, your kitty, or whoever you are or whatever pets you have, in honor of Digit. PLEASE HOLD UP A SIGN OR ADD TEXT TO THE PHOTO SAYING SOMETHING ENCOURAGING TO DIGIT! e.g. GET WELL SOON, DIGIT! Send in your photo to submissions@pawprovince.com as soon as you can!

Friends, Blogville is a beautiful place, isn't it? Many peeps come together to help someone out, whether it be a close friend or a kitty cat they don't even know. We can make things happen! I will share a post in the near future of all of your kind submissions and I'll be sure to send it in to the rescue as well to show everyone how supportive they are of Digit.

Hot diggity, thanks so much!


  1. We didn't even know such a thing happened with cats! And at first we thought you were saying she was some type of dinosaur! This is a good post and we think it will help her. Good luck!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Robin we are sending you a photo as soon as we publish our comment
    Hugs madi and mom

  3. We'll try to get HER movin' this morning.

  4. We have seen a cat in OHIO that had extra toes... GOOD LUCK with this Pawject.. Poor Digit.

  5. We will work on our picture tomorrow (as Lady is working from home).

  6. We will get Mama right on this! What a wonderful idea, Christmas!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. done, my pic is on the way to you... potp to digit :o)


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