April 19, 2016

Debate Tuesday: Vote For Christmas!

Introducing, Debate Tuesday!! That's right, every Tuesday we, the candy dates,  will answer five questions concerning our platforms and information about US!!  For the first three Tuesdays we, the candy dates, will be asking the questions of each other. After that, we will be answering YOUR questions!!
So make sure to ask us questions in the comments, and, no worries, we should be able to all of them in the course of the campaign!!

Make sure to visit all the Candy Dates!

Now, On to this Tuesday's questions, submitted by Christmas!!

What is your campaign slogan and why is that your slogan? If you don't 
have one, what would your slogan be if you made one?
Christmas: My campaign slogan is "death for Vacula" because obviously, Vaculas are the worst thing ever.
Arty: My Campaign Slogan is “Keep Blogville Fun”. I love hosting parties, dances and contests (you might be able to tell that from the rest of my answers ;-)
Lexi: I haven't decided yet. Slogans are so limiting. I want options, don't you? But if I had to chose one right now perhaps Peace Be with You would be fitting.

If you become mayor, how will you announce it on your blog?
Christmas: I will do a long post about how grateful I am to Blogville for their support and I will give my mommy a big slobbery kiss on the face for being my awesome assistant and always supporting me.
Arty: After I thank all of Blogville for their support, I hope to host an Inaugural Ball. In fact, no matter who wins, I will most likely have a big pawty of the winners choice!!
Lexi: Fireworks. Definitely, fireworks. The fireworks may even have my face in them. I'll have to work on that - or work on Dad to work on that.

How will you advertise your run for mayor and will you do it alone or recruit others?
Christmas: Around my blog, I like to post fun campaign posters. The ladies love my handsome hound dog face! Oh, and I've actually recruited my pal Oreo as my campaign manager.
Arty: I have a great team I am working with, Mabel (from Idaho Pugs) is my Campaign Manager and my brother Jakey is my Press Secredude! I hope to be on at least one talk show (I hope my running mates will join me, but more info on that later!). Dory has promised me at least 2 days a week of Blog-Air time so anything is possible!
Lexi: I have posted my platform and have started posting some of the very best reasons to Vote for Lexi! on my own blog. I wanted Mom to hang posters around our neighborhood but she said that wouldn't help. It is early in the race, and I am still weighing my options for my team. There are so many good bloggers/friends out there, I must choose wisely.

What will you do about the tree rats and Vaculas that are ruining our country?
Christmas: I will send out a notice to all tree rats that they must stay in their trees so we won't have to chase them back up the trees 87 times a day! Oh, and about the Vaculas? I think if our police squad here in Blogville is strong enough, they can help destroy all Vaculas.
Arty: If I become Mayor, one of the first groups I will form will be a Tree Rat S.W.A.T. Team. We have a definite Squirrel Cartel problem that needs to be addressed! I agree with Christmas and, as a Junior Police Officer,  I can assure Blogville we will keep the Vacula problems to a minimum!
Lexi: Tree rats? I don't think we have any of those around here, unless you are referring to those cute, cuddly squirrels that populate my backwoods area. I will listen to my future constituents about what they want done, if anything. Vaculas? What are vaculas? If they are vacuums, I support vacuums' right to come out of the closet. Can't we all live in harmony?

How will you get Blogville members involved? What events/activities would you plan in Blogville?
Christmas: Every three months, I think I would do a seasonal post where every Blogville member that wanted to participate could send in a photo of them enjoying that season and we would share it in one big post.
Arty: I am very lucky that my Mama can do the Photoshops really good, and my brother Jakey is teaching me lots about Pizap and PicMonkey. I hope to have a few campaign events. Right now, Dory and I are helping Mama organize the B.A.R.. We hope to have a BBQ this summer, and of course, the Summer Olympics are coming up!!
Lexi: I think we could all go on trips together. We have already tried digging tunnels, and that didn't work really well; instead, we could use big boats to visit across the oceans and do fun cruise things on the way.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh I can see this is gonna be a ripsnorter of a campaign! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. It's shaping up to be a fierce campaign!

  3. Well this is going to be interesting, I personally liked that comment about vacuums cos remember Jim is our friend at our house.
    stella rose

  4. Wow, these are super questions and I like all of your answers! This is gonna be a nip & tuck campaign fur sure. Such a tough decision.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  5. Wow, you three have hit the ground running fur sure! Great answers to probing questions!! (BTW, you have a photo that is not showing up.)

    Your Mayors of All Paws,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Ok, I think I know what the problem with the photo. I'll fix it later. Thanks for your support!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh is this gonna be fun!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. What great answers! Looks like my brother Arty has a couple of tough opponents!!
    Dory (Arty's Sister)

    1. Thank you! Let me tell you though...Arty has some real good answers!

  8. it is going to be a tough choice - all make good points

  9. I gotta agree wif you on Vacula and tree rats - death to both!!

  10. Crikey .... debate Tuesday ...... I like it. AND such good questions this week!! Oh my ...... it's sure going to be hard to chose. such good answers. I like Lexi's idea of the big boats to go on trips. Seeing as I live in Australia that sounds like a good idea to me.

    1. That would be awesome! Chris always talks about meeting a dog from down under...so he digs under the ground (Dachshunds dig a lot) and says "where's Charlie?" Then I have to explain to him what down under actually means. Thanks for the support!

  11. Great answers. Phod is with you with anti-vacula!

  12. Ohhhh please don't furget that big slobbery kiss for your mama, Christmas, the mama's deserve such a kiss ... always :o)

    1. Yes, they always do! Even though she brushes my teeth quite a bit I still have bad breath though!


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