March 26, 2016

Q & A With Robin & Christmas

Happy Saturday, folks!

Yesterday, I asked my readers to ask me anything, whatever came to their minds!

I had some great responses I'd be more than happy to share with you!

If you were one of the people that asked a question, your questions will now be answered!

Q. Wow, I have two! Can I ask two?!? Here goes: 1. What is you favorite kind of toy? 2. Do your crabby friends eat fresh seafood? Grr and Woof, Sarge, Barkday Boy

A. Thanks for your questions, Sarge! Christmas' favorite toys are squeaky toys. He is the king of fetch, and his favorite toy, dubbed "the squeaker" is his favorite squeaky toy of all! Oh, and do Brigadier and Lola eat fresh seafood? Well, not really. They liked the canned river shrimp from Petsmart. It has no added ingredients, but it's still high in nutrients and the crabbies love it!

Q. OK, here is our question: What are your favorite things to do for fun? Keep Calm & Bark On! Murphy & Stanley

A. Awesome question, you guys! Well, there are plenty of things I like to do for fun. I enjoy pet sitting and dog walking within my own neighborhood, and though some might see that as a duty, I see that as fun. I enjoy bonding with my furry clients, and it is a definitely a rewarding experience. I also enjoy goofing off on Instagram, hanging out with Christmas, writing novels, and reading...I'm a speed reader, and this week my goal has been to read a novel a far, so good!

Q. OK, here goes, do you get to sleep in the humans' bed or bedroom??? Because we don't:( Woos - Ciara and Lightning

A. Bow wow, great question, you two! Assuming you were directing this question towards me (it's Christmas at the keyboard, by the way) I'll be happy to tell you that I do sleep in the same room as my mommy! I sleep in a crate because I'm not completely housebroken! I love my crate and my nice warm doggy bed. Also, my mommy sleeps in a bunk bed. If she slept in a normal bed and I was totally housebroken, I would so sleep with her at night, and we'd both enjoy it, even though studies show people don't get as much sleep when they sleep with pets. Who cares anyway? I'm too cute for that kind of stuff! My mommy and I relax on the couch a lot though, so I still get to snuggle!

Q. Who's your favorite dog actor? Mine is Bolt. That superbark is just awesome!-Brent

A. Great question! I think Bolt is pretty cool, too. I really like Hachiko, the Akita Inu who stayed at the train station for years, thinking his deceased master would come home. Though Hachi was a real dog, and the movie was a bit different than the real story, I think the dog who played Hachi did a real good job. I also like Benji, Beethoven, and though it's a little bit out of the question, I also like the Marmaduke comic strips. They truly capture the personality of the Great Dane!

Q. I've read you visit shows too... what was the funniest/craziest adventure you had there?-Easy the Weimaraner

A. Hi, Easy! It's Christmas at the keyboard with your answer! Though my answer didn't actually happen at a dog show, I think it's still worth sharing. We were on the way to a dog show in Montgomery, Alabama, in late November. It was only supposed to take two hours to get there, but for some reason, it took us five hours! It was getting late and we were all exhausted. The show was early in the morning the next day. We finally get to the hotel and I'm in my crate by my mommy's bed in the room. Everyone's finally dozing off to sleep and getting their much needed rest, and suddenly, a loud squeaking filled the room. We were borrowing this carrier crate from my breeder, and it turns out a little squeaky squirrel toy was under the blanket in the crate! You know I'm not that savvy about them squirrels! I was a little feisty when anyone tried to take it from me, but everyone was too tired to properly tell me to drop it, so my mommy lured me away from the squeaky toy with some doggy treats, put me in the crate, threw away the drool soaked squeaky toy, and finally it was time to go to sleep. And that's when I decided I needed a potty break!

So, those are your answers, folks! Thanks to everyone who commented! I'm going to be doing one of these posts once a month, but if you have a question for me or Christmas and you want it answered, you can always comment anyway or use the contact form, and I'll respond in no time!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

P.S. I have decided that I will be donating $3 to the D.R.E.A.M. Dachshund Rescue in north Georgia every time someone becomes a member of Paw Province! Please become a member if you haven't already, and invite your friends to join our blog, too! You can join by using the gadget on the right sidebar of my blog! Thanks!


  1. Great answers to the questions! It's always nice to get to know our furends better!

    Happy Easter!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Happy early Easter to you, too! I can't wait to post another Q & A post next month!

  2. Great answers. Sorry we haven't been around much, Lady has had the flu. So kind of you to find a creative way to help animals in need.
    Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks! I've been wondering you two were...LOL! I hate the flue. :( Get well soon!

  3. Great post - it gave us more insight into who you all are:)

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. that's interesting! I love Hachiko too :o) It seem's not only shows are an adventure, the way to the show and back is an adventure too! Are you good in howltels? me not really, specially when our howltel is occupied by 87 other doggies on the way to the show... and after such a barkfest the whole night we all were dogtired the next morning :o)
    Happy Easter to you and your furmily Christmas!

    1. Happy Easter to you too, Easy! I am pretty good in the hotel...I mean, I'm not TOTALLY housebroken, so they keep something called a belly band on me (just to be safe, it doesn't hurt or anything!) I never bark or anything, and because the hotels we stay at are very close to the actual shows, in the morning when my mommy takes me outside before we leave for the show, there will be dozens of other dogs outside who will also be going to the same show! Wait, so are you a show dog? Oh, and I forgot to say that I hear lots of dogs barking in other rooms, too, but my mommy has only heard me bark like four times since the day she got me!

      Your Dachshund pal,

  5. Hey guys! Robin, you have the same Birthday as my oldest dog, Earl!

  6. Thanks for brightening up Blogville with all that you share and for helping the rescues as well.

    Abby Lab and her Mom LB in Chicago.

  7. Thanks for brightening up Blogville with all that you share and for helping the rescues as well.

    Abby Lab and her Mom LB in Chicago.


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