March 28, 2016

Little Snail, Big Personality

Snails may be tiny, but they have a huge cuteness factor.

Some people I know aren't too snail savvy, but they think Drifter is the cutest thing.

I hope you guys think so, too!

Perhaps he's so loved because he is fearless.

He's just an outgoing, energetic, young snail.

If you bring him somewhere new, he isn't afraid. He wants to explore.

If you introduce him to a new snail, he'll climb on their back.

If you introduce him to a stranger, he'll crawl around their hand with ease.

If only there was some sort of training for therapy snails!


  1. Drifter is cute and yah never thought about therapy know there's always a first!!


  2. Replies
    1. Hmm...good question! I haven't met him anyone afraid of him actually, but they are kind of grossed out by his slime. Well, that's what a snail is!

  3. What a cutie!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Drifter is very cute. My peeps used to have an outdoor pond and apparently they had some pretty big snails in that pond. We like his name a lot!

    1. That's cool! And thanks about his friend actually came up with it. We saved Drifter's life actually. He was in our creek on a rock, and it was raining hard. My friend spotted him. He drifted into the water and we scooped him out soon afterwards before he could drown! So yeah, that's where his name Drifter came from, and that's how I got him.

  5. Therapy snails!?!? You are cracking us up!!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. LOL! Let me tell you, that could definitely be a thing of the future, especially with the Giant African Land Snails that people have! They are larger than a man's hand and are interesting crotters!

  6. I bet the snail is much braver than some people... :o) I will ask my friends , but I'm not sure if France is the best place for therapy snails ... just saying :o)


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