March 15, 2016

Adopt Me! Salty

Hi, there! My name is Salty. However, I do not suit my name! I'm anything but salty...I'm very sweet! I don't mean it when I hiss at you...I'm just scared. I need a calm and quiet home...I do love other cats though!

You see, I was found in a crawlspace in an abandoned home. Nobody really knows my story. It was very sad that nobody was there to take care of me, but things have changed now. I enjoyed my foster home for a while, where I was a funny, goofy, young, energetic, yet manageable guy! Like I said, I just want to be in a calm environment where I can be a lap cat. I just arrived at Petsmart recently, so I'm learning that it's not a scary place.

Sometimes I'll get scared when people come and visit me, and sometimes I will hiss, but when I warm up to you, I promise I will be the best cat I can possibly be. I love people, I really do, I just have to learn that they aren't here to hurt me, but to love me. I know my new home is out there somewhere, a home where I can sit and watch TV with my new family and listen to them call my name kindly.

If you're in Georgia and think I'm the one for you, please click here to fill out an adoption application! If you can't do that, you can still click here to donate! The All About Cats rescue is currently low on funds. Oh, and if you can not donate, you can still click here to learn more about my location so you can visit me! And if you don't live nearby, at least click here to visit the rescue's website. How easy is that?

I'm just a young guy learning how to behave around new people, and I need someone who can love me for the rest of my life. Could you do that for me?


  1. Salty, hope you find the perfect forever home soon.

    1. Purr! Thanks! This makes me(ow) so happy!

      Your kitty friend,

  2. Mom says we love all our blogging kitty pals, but we might not do so well with a real one in our home. But we do send good wishes for Salty to find a wonderful forever home.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. Thanks so much, you two! I'm sure that special someone is out there for Salty, and he'll be in a home before he even knows it. Thanks for visiting!

  3. We hope that lovely kitty cat finds a good new home!


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