March 8, 2016

Adopt Me! Bee

Why, hello! My name is Bee, and I am a sophisticated four year old kitty with a beautiful coat and a British accent. While the other feline ladies at the All About Cats rescue zip around and play with the human beings, I prefer to spend my time seated on a warm lap with a low rumble in my throat.

I enjoy lapping at my crunchy kibble and drinking my fresh, clean water. However, I'd much rather delight in blueberry scones and a cup of tea. I am new to this rescue organization of sorts, and though I am currently a wee bit shy in this new environment, I find myself slowly warming up to the human beings that are smashing good at stroking the soft luscious fur on my head.

Being a British lady, I find that calm juvenile children are such wee darlings, and if you have a lumbering pooch with a friendly demeanor and wagging tail, I will find myself liking the canine. However, a game of chase is not wanted by me at all. Much to the chagrin of my feline comrades, I often quote Downton Abbey (I'm British, after all) and my dearest dream is to one day star in a feline spin off the show known as Downton Tabby.

Due to being a sophisticated British lady, I can be very talkative. I discuss the latest episodes of Downton Abbey with my fellow cats, and I like to mew up at the human beings, craving the smashing good attention they tend to offer.

Darlings, if you would like to adopt me into your British home (if  your home isn't British I will make it British), please click here to fill out an adoption application! Why, if you aren't in place to adopt a Downton Tabby as I, please click here to donate to our smashing good rescue! If you can not do that, click here to visit the rescue's uncanny website!

I must be going now, I'm off to sip a cup of tea!


  1. Oh us BRITISH furfriends should stick togethers....want to share sum tea wiv me?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Bee would love to drink tea with you! ;-) She couldn't reply to your comment personally though because she's informing her kitty friends about the latest episode of Downtown Abbey. She can be a crazy British kitty sometimes!

  2. We hope her British pals come get her very soon!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Why, thank you wee lads for this ever so kind comment! Gee, do I hope to be invited into a beautiful home, where I will be served scrumptious blueberry scones and delectable cups of steaming hot tea, English breakfast tea at that. Thank you so much for visiting!

      Bee the British Kitty


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