February 19, 2016

My Experience At The Cherokee Rose Cluster Dog Show

I meant to post this nearly two weeks ago, and honestly I never got around to posting it, but now I realized that I still haven't published it!

Well, today is the day for all you patient readers to get a load of some dog show action!

Two weeks ago, me and my show dog Christmas, who is a miniature smooth Dachshund, attended a cluster show, which means there are four days of the show but hosted by a different kennel club each day.

I got to go for two of the days, Friday and Saturday, and I had a lot of fun with Chris!

I only have photos from the first day because I forgot to charge my camera that night, but I'll still tell you how we did on Saturday anyway!

On Friday, the breed ring (Dachshund, smooth) was very early in the morning, so we went in the afternoon and I showed in Juniors.

Friday was hosted by the Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club.

I was in with two other 12-15 year olds in Novice classes.

As always, I have the tiniest dog in the class!

Handlers always stack their dogs on the mat when they first enter the ring.

Chris has a fear of Labrador Retrievers (weird, but true) and this was his face when he saw a Lab outside the ring. Luckily, the Lab soon passed by and Chris was back to doing his best in no time.

Chris might be afraid of Labs because he was chased by a loose playful Lab a few months ago.

Chris was still a little jumpy when it came to stacking on the table which isn't usual for him, but he still managed to get past the judging!

Small dogs are stacked on the table for the judge's convenience.

Here I am gaiting Chris in a down and back. Sorry for the bad lighting!

Gaiting is the way a handler moves their dog.

So the judge can watch how Chris gaits from all angles and how I gait him, I have to take Christmas around the whole ring.

Judges usually ask the handler to take their dog around the entire ring.

Note how adorable it is as Chris lifts his front right paw! He's something special, and boy, does he know it!

It's important to look at your dog most of the time while gaiting, and look up at the judge on occasion.

The judge is about to pick her decision after the dogs are taken around the ring.

The judge is almost ready to make her decision.

We got second place!

The next day, I got to go in for both breed and Juniors!

In Juniors, Chris and I were up against a Dalmatian, Havanese, and English Cocker Spaniel.

We placed third out of four handlers!

Christmas and I had an amazing time at the show and it was a great way to hone my handling skills!

If you're interested in Junior showmanship, normal conformation, or if you have any questions or comments, you could either comment on this post, read and comment on my Junior showmanship tab below the blog header, or use the contact form on the contact tab below the header to reach me!

My future is filled with many more weekends in the ring!

Westminster, here we come!


  1. Second place, how cool - congrats! We thought you looked like pros! Well done!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. That was very eciting. Good job and Congrats!!


  3. Wow! Good job! That is a lot harder than it looks. Our angel Miss Ginger tried to be a show doggie when she was a pup, (her Daddie made it to Westminster!) but could never get used to the judges all touching her. (Did you see any cocker spaniels there? We hardly ever see cockers around here anymore.)

    1. Yes, there are actually quite at a few at the dog shows I've attended. Most of them are American Cockers, but it isn't rare to see an English, either. What is the name of Ginger's dad?

  4. Visiting exhibitions and competitions is a very large and valuable experience for every dog owner.

  5. Many dogs look confused at exhibitions, as a new place and a large cluster of strangers causes them stress.


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