February 13, 2016

Here Are Our Predictions For The 140th Westminster Dog Show

Some of you were intent on watching the Super Bowl last weekend.

Some of you are saving your excitement for the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday.

Can you guess which one I am?

Of course you can.

Westminster is the Super Bowl of dog shows.

Every handler dreams of one day strutting the green carpet.

I enjoy watching all the televised dog shows I can get my hands on, and this is the biggest show of the year.

Thousands of dogs and their handlers flock to Madison Square Garden this weekend to prepare for the big show and hopefully win Best of Breed, their group, and of course only one dog can win Best in Show.

Only the best dogs of each breed are invited, but only one can win in their breed.

I am very active in reading the latest dog show news, so I hope these predictions will stand a chance!

After viewing some of the individual dogs of each breed invited to Westminster, I'll predict which dog I personally think will win the group.

The official Westminster Kennel Club actually lets you create a bracket for your predictions.

You might know that the show takes place on two different nights.

Here goes nothing!

Working Group: The Boxer

I think the Boxer will win the group. If Devlin wins her breed, which she probably will, I won't be surprised if she takes home a group win. I've actually met Devlin before, and she's a very sweet and sophesticated dog!

GCH CH Mephisto's Speak Of The Devil "Devlin"

Sporting Group: The Brittany

Beckett, an adorable young Brittany, is a very experienced show dog with many wins. He sticks closely to the standard of his breed! He is currently the third best show dog.

GCH CH Rainbow Splash's Ruggedly Handsome "Beckett"

Toy Group: The Pomeranian

Danny is currently the second best show dog. He is a fluffy little guy who can often be seen winning breed, group, and sometimes Best in Show wins!

GCH CH Hitimes What The Inferno "Danny"

Hound Group: The Whippet

Brazen is a young Whippet who just recently won her group at the AENC (AKC Eukanuba National Championship) back in December. I discussed her win a few days after the show with the fans at Paw Province. She is the number four show dog, after all!

GCH CH Sporting Fields Shameless "Brazen"

Herding Group: The German Shepherd

Rumor, a German Shepherd, is sure to win best of breed! She won Best in Show at the AENC show, which I documented a couple months ago. It was actually her one hundredth Best in Show win, and she is currently the top show dog. I was sad to hear that this will be Rumor's last show, but this busy pup needs a break from all the fame!

GCH CH Lockenhaus Rumor Has It V Kenlyn "Rumor"

Non-Sporting Group: The Chow Chow

Pilot won in his group at the AENC show, and I was lucky enough to meet this teddy bear of a dog not too long ago. He is a very sweet and lovable dog! I hope this big guy wins his group at this show, too. He deserves it!

GCH CH Eastern Magic Fly Me Safe "Pilot"

Terrier Group: The Skye Terrier

Charlie won Reserve Best in Show after strutting the green carpet last year, and he's coming back for more! He is the number five show dog this year.

GCH CH Cragsmoor Good Time Charlie "Charlie"

So there you have it!

I've made my predictions and I can't wait to see if any of them are right!

I do have predictions on who might win Reserve Best in Show and of course, Best in Show, but I'm not going to be sharing those right now.

The group winners are the most important!

I hope you'll tune into the show on Monday and Tuesday, and you can make your own predictions as well.

You can create your own bracket by clicking here.

Apparently the Westminster Kennel Club is also having some sort of prize money giveaway, but I don't really care about that.

Just create a bracket and let us know who you think could win!

Enjoy your day!


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