February 3, 2016

Help Us Help Onyx

You might have seen some recent posts I've written about the dogs at the Releashed Rescue, a mostly Siberian Husky rescue located in Cumming, Georgia.

I like to visit the dogs when they are at adoption events, and you viewers were fond of the photos I've been sharing of the Releashed pack.

I was viewing their website the other day to learn they have a new adoptable to the rescue.

His name is Onyx and he is about ten years old.

This adorable silver and white Husky lived his whole life on the end of a chain in someone's yard.

He's safe with the rescue now, but he isn't exactly too healthy.

That's what happens when you're chained up for ten years.

The rescue has already neutered him.

However, before they can find out what's wrong with him and how he should be medically treated, the rescue needs to raise $400 for poor Onyx.

If I ever meet his handsome Husky at an adoption event, I'll definitely take a photo to share with you all!

The Releashed Rescue runs solely on donations.

There has already been a few generous donors, and I encourage you to be a donor, too.

If we could all give a little, no one would have to give a lot.

We could all just donate $5 and Onyx will be treated in no time.

Click here to donate to Onyx's medical fund!

Share it with your friends and help us help Onyx!

Rescue ONE until there are NONE!


  1. Aw, such a hard life! We sure hope he finds a furever home! BTW, you "click here" link isn't working.

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Ok, thanks for telling me! I just tried it, and it worked. It should work if you just press "here" not "click". I'm glad Onyx is safe now!


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