February 4, 2016

Have You Checked Out The New Gadgets?

Have you seen our new blog gadgets?

You know, all the cool things on the right sidebar of the page?

Some of the gadgets have been there for a very long time, while some are new.

Today I'll introduce you to the new ones, if you haven't seen them already.

We have three new gadgets you'll be sure to love.

All three new gadgets are the bottom gadgets on the right sidebar.

First you can see a gadget that shows you my latest pins on Pinterest, and you can also follow and view my Pinterest account. I pin often and my pins are pretty much all animals, so I'm sure if you like my blog, you'll like my pins!

Next you'll see a gadget that allows you to donate to the medical fund of Ares, a young Siberian Husky that has trouble getting around. He requires pricey vet bills and a wheelchair to stay strong. The rescue he is at, the Releashed Rescue, will do anything to keep Ares alive.

Finally, you'll find a gadget that allows you to donate to the medical of a ten year old Siberian Husky named Onyx, who is also at the Releashed Rescue. I posted about him yesterday, and you might know that he lived his whole life on the end of a chain outdoors. The rescue runs solely on donations, so if you have anything to donate, the rescue would appreciate it!

I hope you'll put these new gadgets to use!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. Crikey ...... no ...... I just read your blogs. Never look over there. What's with me, aye?? I'm off now to check 'em out!!


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